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Conklin, BD7 discontinued?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Fire-Starter, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Fire-Starter

    Fire-Starter Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2002
    So I was looking at the Conklin web site, and I did not see the BD7 models, did they quit making them? IF SO WHY? :meh:
  2. ladros2


    Jun 2, 2005
    The entire Groove Tools line is gone. Replaced by the New Century, higher quality (same as the customs appearantly) but also far more expensive.
  3. pointbass

    pointbass Jersey to Georgia Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    Acworth, GA
    Endorsing Artist: FBB Bass Works
    I'm pretty sure all of the production basses have been discontinued. For sure the GT7's are done, and it would only make sense that the BD's would be finished, as well :(
  4. Ian Perge

    Ian Perge Supporting Member

    May 11, 2001
    Evansville, Indiana
    I don't believe the New Century has "replaced" the Groove Tools line, as it existed well before the GT's - it's kind of Conklin's "best-of features" line, like the Metro's are to USA Sadowskys.

    I know the GT-5's have been on clearance for a while, so I wouldn't be surprised if the entire GT line has been discontinued. Let's be honest, even here talk was mainly focused on the GT/BD-7 and not the 4 and 5's, and as said many times before we as a forum as well as ERB players are a subset of bassists in general. I very much doubt the Groove Tools line was selling enough to keep it financially worthwhile to produce.
  5. mark beem

    mark beem I'm alive and well. Where am I? Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2001
    New Hope, Alabama
    Rumor is he has a new line in the planning stages.