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    I have a Brand New Conklin Bill Dickins GT 7 string bass. This is the Groove Tools 7 string bass on steroids. This bass sells for around $1,899 new which can be confirmed on any Instrument sellers Web site. I happened to land this for $900. This is not a second or scratch and dent bass. The neck is actually easier to play then my 6 string basses that I used to own. It has one of a kind Bartolini pickups and the most insane preamp I have ever used. I am looking for a 5 or 6 string that has a used value of $900 or above.
    - 7 strings
    - Custom made Bill Dickins Bartolini pickups
    - Custom electronics with a three position paramedic preset rotary switch and mid frequency selector. Comes with a push/pull Bass knob that hits different bass frequencies, a mid and treble knob, volume and pickup blend and a three position treble switch. The sound is BOUTIQUE but can get anything else with its mind blowing options.
    - Maple and purple heart through body neck
    - Swamp ash wings topped with curly maple
    - Gold hardware
    - Conklin case included

    I purchased this instrument on a whim and because it was a grand less. Honestly I'm just not a 7 string guy and it will be a shame if this beauty is never used.

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    Still available? String spacing? Nut width? Case?
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