Conklin Groove Tools 5 String

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Ely, Nov 15, 2001.

  1. Ely


    Jun 8, 2001
    Huntsville, AL
    I've been considering my options for an inexpensive but good quality 5 string and I want to try a Conklin GT5. Only problem is that no music stores in my area carry them so I can't try them for myself. They sound like they would be really good, but I want to know a few things about them first.

    How do you describe their tone? I like punchy tones with a good amount of warmth to them, while having a good cut.
    How is the B string tension? The 34" scale kinda turned me off at first, but then I realized a lot of good 5's are only 34", so I'm willing to give it a shot.
    How are the pickups? I hear they're ok, but could be better. I probably would upgrade them with higher quality Barts or EMG's eventually anyway, but not until I start actually needing to upgrade it. I might put a Aguilar OBP-1 preamp in there as well if I decide I want more tonal flexibility.
    How does the neck feel? I like large necks (ie. Spector, P-Bass, Stingray) but not too damn large.
    What about body weight? I know Swamp Ash is light but the bodies on the GTs are rather large, how does it balance out?

    Thanks for your time :D

    P.S. My dad is headed to Boston on a business trip and one of the reasons I'm asking this right now is because he just might (slim chance, but hopeful) be able to grab me a GT5 if we're lucky.
  2. Ely


    Jun 8, 2001
    Huntsville, AL
    Hmm, just remembered this thread and decided to bump it up, since I'm still wondering what you think.
  3. pilotjones


    Nov 8, 2001
    I tried one a while back at GC.
    feel (action): very good for me.
    balance: sorry, I was seated.
    tone: I liked it, although I can't remember well enough to describe it. The B string was loud compared to the other 4, and this seems to often be the case on less expensive 34" 5's, but I'm guessing that some adjustments could be done to remedy this.
  4. Johnalex


    Jul 20, 2001
    South Carolina
    Hey! I bought a GT-4 over the summer and I find it ok. It is pretty heavy, weight wise, and it has a alright tone. I fell like the tone of these 4 and 5 string Groove Tools is very bright.But for the money they are well worth it. The only major problem that I had was that the lamination on the headstock started to split and it cracked into the wenge wood of the neck. Overall I think they are a good buy for the money!!!