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conklin gtbd-7 and pickup height

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jazzper, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. whats up TBers need some help on pickup height. how does pickup height affect sound and playability? one more thing i have a conklin gt-7 bass customized with flame maple thg knobs and gold hardware but want to know how much of a difference are the two. I've been gasing for one for a while and jus need to know. because I,m thinking about trading my yamaha trb 6 bolt-on and lakland 55-01 to get one. any responses would be helpful.
  2. You will lose a little volume by lowering the pickups. I think thats the only drawback. I got a gt4 a couple days ago and the pickups were too high for my tastes. Yesterday I took it to get set up and I asked them to lower mine a tad. They were getting in my way a little.

    You can compensate for the lost volume. Hope that helps.

    Edit: Be sure you get the pick up height even or youll have louder highs and soft lows, or vice versa. Make sense?