Connecting Boss GT6 B with other effects??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Terrorstorm, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Hello!​
    maybe anybody can help me..
    I have got a Boss GT6 B Bass Effects Board, a Boss Bass Overdrive, a Boss Bass limiter, and maybe I will buy an envelope filter..
    BUT how should I connect all these things, without doing damage to one of these effects !?? Maybe someone knows how the effect chain should be connected..!? :smug:
    would be great.
    ok, thanks for helping...
  2. If you have the GT-6B, you can and should sell the Boss Overdrive and Limiter. They are both incorporated on the GT-6B. If you get an envelope filter, my suggestion is to go Bass - Filter - GT-6B - amp. You can do this with a patch cord easily.

    If you're still dead set on being redundant and having the OD and Limiter in your chain...I'd go OD, Envelope, GT-6B, Limiter.
  3. First, thanks for replying!
    Yes, you're right, I know that the limiter and the ODB3 is on the GT6B. I will sell the Limiter as soon as possible, but I will keep the ODB3.

    ok, thanks again

    one question to you, can you recomend the Mesa 4000+ ?

    'Cause at the moment I'm looking forward to sell my SWR amp and speakers, because I'm not really common with the power and the sound of these things. So I need information about some other powerful, good bass amps and speakers!

  4. In my (totally biased) opinion, the Mesa 400+ is the best all-tube amp there is. I play funk, rock, punk, dub, reggae, ska, hardcore, jazz, surf, country, alternative, metal, and pop. The 400+ is the best all-around amp for me. If you're a player that sticks to one or two styles of music, there's probably a better head that can achieve that sound. That said, I think it's the best head for any in-your-face type of music.

    I bought the Berg NV610 to match the head, and I am a firm believer that a sealed (no ports/tweeters etc.) cabinet is the best match for an all-tube head.

    However, you should definitely try one out before you sell your SWR. You might not like it if you're coming off a hi-fi solid state amp like SWR.

    ps...unless you've been lurking here for awhile, you're a brand new member to Talkbass. Welcome! There's so much information in the Amps Forum about amps, power, comparisons, cabinets, best matches, pricing, reliability, etc. Just look through page after page and you'll find everything you're looking for.
  5. okay.. thanks.
    yes, for sure I am going to try out a lot of different amps before selling my SWR equipment. yet I don't have no money for something expencieve anyway, hehe. :(

    yes, that's an amazing forum here, i'm impressed.. for sure i will look for some further infos in the amps section.

  6. johnvice


    Sep 7, 2004
    Despite being an Ampeg DieHard, I love these amps. My issue is that there is an established market higher re-sale for Ampeg, so I'd probably side for an SVT2 over this one.

    I use an SVT3 which is more pratcical.

    I saw this mint A,peg SVT2 and 8x10" used in a music store. It's sad when at 40 years of age I can afford the toys but I have to think practically about things like "do I want to carry it" ?

    As for your multi effects delemma, I would concur that you should sell your other effects and concetrate on getting the sounds you want from it. My BOSS ME-50b dispalced all of my other effects, with the exception of my AKAI Deep Impact.

    That said, it took a lot of tweeking, programming, and reprogramming to get exactlty the sounds I like and then order them into a logical places so I can quickly access them live.
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