Connecting combo speaker to amp head

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    Dec 10, 2016
    Hi all, I'm trying to connect my markbass CMD121 combo speaker to my new ampeg pf-50t head. I know I can just use the extremely flexible DI outs that the ampeg has but I'd like to daisy chain my ny121 cab to the combo speaker. The cable coming off of the speaker is only about 3in long so there's no way to make it reach the extension cab or head.

    I bought a 1/4" planet waves/d'addario female to female coupler however on the package it has a note that clearly states not recommended for speaker cables (description online of the product doesn't show that info). The main reason I selected this one was because the reviews of other couplers are just awful. I simply can't find a female to male speaker cable anywhere. I don't want to modify the cab or the cable off of the speaker.

    Anyone out there know of any other options that can simply connect the male 1/4" from the speaker to the amp head?
  2. Buy two 1/4" connectors (male or female as required) and that are meant to be cable mounted. Get some 16 gauge, or larger wire.
    Wire the two jacks together. Make the cable long enough get from amp to cab.
    This serves the same purpose as the thing you bought only with a more current handling capacity.

    Use the 1/4" jacks that have plastic shells, not metal ones.
    Some amps have voltages relative to ground on both sides of the curcuit.
    Plastic shells help prevent shock or shorting out hazards and work equally well for either type of amp output.