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Connecting GK 410MBE to GK1001/210 combo hookup challenge

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ryco, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    Just received an 8Ω GK410MBE to use as an extension cab for my GK1001/210 combo. I don't seem to be able to connect a 1/4" speaker cable into the ext cab input from the 1/4" 540w outs on the combo's rear panel.

    There is a speakon input in the cab and that is all. Is this for both speakons AND 1/4" cords? When trying to insert a 1/4" cord the fit seems awful tight. Is this normal? The ad in Musicians Friend states; "• Speakon and 1/4" inputs" under "Features". Don't want to force it and break it right off the bat so thought I'd ask you guys.

    I thought GK cabs came with a speakon speaker cable as part of the sale - but the shipping plastic in the shipping box had a hole torn in it and I imagine it was removed.
  2. There is a plastic plug in the 1/4" input on the cab to prevent air leaks when using the speakon. Pull the plug off and you will find your 1/4" jack. ;)
  3. Oh yes, the speakon cable only ships with the biamp HMS cabs. The MBE are not biamp cabs.
  4. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    OH! I thought it looked and felt like a fuse reset button! But yup - thar 'tis! :atoz:
    Thank you B-string!! You are a prince = always so dang helpful! :cool:

    If I were to use a speakon connector how would I hook that up? There are two speakons on the back of the combo = 1 going down into the cab - I imagine to the 2 10s in the unit; and 1 that is just an end piece - doesn't go anywhere, with what looks to be a 1/4" couple/jack on it. Is this where an extension speakon to speakon hook in?

    Also how does one remove speakons. It has a clip like a mic input, but does one push down or forward at the same time while twisting or what? I don't seem to be able to remove these things, even jiggling and pushing with some force.

    Also am I correct in assuming I plug this ext can into the 540w combo outs, or into that empty speakon 1/4" adapter I mentioned above?
  5. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    oops! in the time I was writing, you posted further.
    So I don't even need to worry about using speakons then. Or is it a worthy option?

    thanx again, sir!
  6. Speakons are more secure and don't short before make like 1/4".
    There is usually a silver tab on the speakon connectors, pull this back (towards you and then twist the speakon counter-clockwise about a 1/4 turn (till it stops) and pull straight out. The tab is only used on removal.

    Yes the internal speakers should be 8 ohm load total so you can use the other speakon connector for an 8 ohm extension cab.
    You're welcome, no worries. :D

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