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connecting vamp pro to ampeg

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Well went out and got a vamp pro. I know not everyone is fond of this, but I figured Id give it a try, if I dont like it ill sell it on ebay. So im trying to figure out the best way to connect this to my ampeg B2R. The best way Ive found so far, and I hope its the right way, is to run a wire from the left analog line output to the ampegs poweramp out. THis seems to bypass all the controls on the ampeg, you cant even turn the volume up. THe vamp then takes over. I can adjust the voulume, gain and eq, and it sounds pretty good. IM no tech wiz, but im guessing this just bypasses the ampegs preamp and uses the ampeg as a poweramp, but unlike a power amp, there are no controls for overall volume, the vamp does everything. LEt me know if this is right. Im getting some bad buzz, but im not pugged into a ground. So I think thats why.
  2. Heckxx


    Nov 2, 2004
    Libertyville, IL
    u mean the ampeg's poweramp IN right? I would think there would still be one control on the Ampeg that can control the overrall volume. Your master knob on the ampeg should do this.

    ..you say ur not plugged into the ground? Like your power chord isnt using the 3rd prong?

    EDIT: I guess i might be wrong about the master. Seems odd to me that the power amp section alone doesnt have a volume control.
  3. Ok on the back there is a preamp in and a power amp out. When i connect the vamp to the poweramp out, it bypasses all controls on the ampeg including the master volume. The vamp controls the gain, eqs, and master volume. IM guessing the ampeg is then ran at full power becasue the thing is pretty loud. I get a clear signal, and everythign sounds good so i guess it works right.
  4. You can run the signal into the effects return. This will bypass the B2R preamp, but you can control the Master Volume on the face of the Ampeg.

    I have been running my sansamp like this lately. I can find the tone i am looking for with the sansamp, run it into my Raven Labs PHA-1 for some EQ, and then make any volume adjustments right on the B2R.

    This works for me right now.