Connecting VTBP-201s to Power Amplifier

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  1. I would like to connect a recently acquired Demeter VTBP-201s pre-amp to a Crown XLS-1000 power amp.

    On the rear panel there are:
    2X unbalanced 1/4" outputs, as well as 1X balanced XLR output (or am I interpreting this incorrectly?)

    How would I go about connecting the pre-amp to the power amp? (Do I need 2X runs of short 1/4" to 1/4", or 1X 1/4" to 1/4" only?). This is my first pre to power setup, and the pre-amp manual didn't contain the information I need, so any help would be appreciated.:bassist:

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    I would use the unbalanced. I would use the XLR as a DI, since that's what it looks to be intended for (thus the ground lift on it as well as a pre/post eq switch).
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    Exactly. Run a 1/4" from the unbalanced out to the DriveCore's channel A "Link / Out" jack. With few exceptions, the XLR out is intended for use as a DI and only a DI. I've read where folks have attempted to connect the pre's XLR out to the power amp's XLR in...the results are rarely satisfactory.

  5. I notice there are two outputs underneath the label 'unbalanced line out' - do both of these outputs serve the same purpose, or should I be choosing one over the other?

    Still somewhat confused, sorry :meh:
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    It makes no never-mind...use either. You could run two separate lines to two amps if desired. Just use a shielded 1/4" T/S instrument / signal cable. Nice pre...enjoy!