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  1. Does anyone know about Conrad Gotz? I have one of his bows which is rumored to be 50 years old however I know nothing about him.
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    What would you like to know?

    I also have one of his bows. My instructor bought it at the NAMM show a few years ago. I visited their booth this year and picked up a catalog. It looks like their bass bow prices range from 200 to 1350 German Marks.

    I think Conrad Gotz was there and he looked older but maybe not old enough to be making them for 50 years. Then again, the company is "C.A. Gotz jr.", so maybe you have one of his dad's bows?

    His email is [email protected].

  3. Thanks for some insight. What do you have for a Gotz bow? I don't really know much about mine other than its a German grip, it is made from Rainforest wood and that it is Octaganol. Conrad Gotz name is inscribed on the bow without a junior. It has three stars beside his name. Do they have a catalog that can be bought? The website that Gotz Jr. is sporting doesn't seem to be very helpful.

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    21 years later…….
    I obtained a Gotz German bow and after having it rehaired I was unprepared for how good it plays. So incredibly loud, quick and well, it does what it should. It is marked ‘Germany’ under the stick which leads me to wonder if it might be pre WWII.
    It’s the one on the left. The other is Pernambuco and seemed like a decent bow but it doesn’t play well at all.
    upload_2022-12-12_18-43-20.jpeg upload_2022-12-12_18-43-20.jpeg
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    I doubt the ‘Germany’ is any help in dating but I just don’t know. I’ve got a few bows which look to be a few decades old, but not pre WWII marked that way. After talking with a friend who is more knowledgeable than I he concurred. It’s a nice silver mounted bow which plays very well. My guess is that this bow is maybe from the 1970s.
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    Was that an export brand name? I have an old friend who used to have a Conrad Gotz bass. It was a decent carved student grade bass, similar to a Juzek or Wilfer, circa 1940s.
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    Them that's Gotz will Getz. (William Holiday?)
    I'll show myself out...
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    I had Gotz bass made in the 60’s. Well made. Probably a pretty good bow.