Considering FS: Raezer's Edge Bass 10

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  1. I am considering selling my RE Bass 10.

    It was made by Rich Raezer, one of the last ones he made before his death. It's in perfect condition and has the cover.

    It is only used inside my nonsmoking home for practice in my room at very low levels. Anyone who knows about these cabinets understands how incredible they are.

    I am only CONSIDERING selling because I bought two new basses and a sweet digital camera within the last 4 days (grrrr).

    I am sure I would regret selling it. I bought it from Murch Music in Canada, earlier this year. In Canadian, I paid about $750.

    Because of its rareness, I am just going to see what interest it has here and take offers.

    PM me offers.
  2. protoz


    Nov 30, 2000
    Got a pic of it?
  3. No, I don't at the moment. I don't have a digi camera and I was going to buy one until I bought two new basses. sigh.

    Anyway, I can take my work's camera Monday and take some pics late that night if you need it.
  4. I bought one a couple of years ago - I had them add a Speakon to mine - I think I paid around $450 (US). Here's a link to the page on Rich Raezer's site - I've been very happy with mine, and have had many compliments on how it sounds. I drive it with an AI Clarus 2R Series II.

    Hope this helps -

    - Wil
  5. I consider these Rich Raezer-made cabinets much more rare and valuable. I wouldn't even sell mine for $450 US.
  6. Here is apic of it