"Consignment Shop" Find.

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  1. This is a bass I found in a Consignment shop. I had to wade through multiple Ibanezs and a Stagg MM copy, but this caught my eye and I had to have it.

    I traded two PA cabinets and some parts I needed out of the way + 20$ for it. I'm not sure of the year, but I'm guessing from the headstock it's a 1988, or 1989, because the Striker was discontinued after '89.


    I'm not sure if the body is the original color, or what wood it is made from, but it is HEAVY. The neck is made from maple, and I'm pretty sure the fingerboard is either Rosewood or Ebony. It's all original, even has the Spector pickups and Schaller roller bridge.





    She needs some love. :)
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  4. Thank you~!

    The body is plywood, but it sounds better than an Agathis P/J I've had.
  5. Nice. DO NOT smack that headstock into any, say, stripper poles, or other structural elements.

    You might already know this but I figured I'd warn you now while it's still in one piece!

    Don't ask how I know.
  6. Now I have to ask how you know. :D

    I didn't plan on it though.
  7. There's a bar in st Paul with a structural pole in the middle of an otherwise large stage...and many headstock dings. One is mine.

    Actually I was just kinda hoping to make something up about the stripper pole, but the bar pole is true haha

    Kramer striker necks (at least the guitars) were made of one piece of wood. At the end of the headstock, since the angle is so severe, they had the wood grain crossing perpendicular to the head. Wap that and you lost the neck because it would inevitably break through the tuner hole. I don't know when they changed, but I don't imagine they'd have made them that way for long. I remember wondering why there was no scarf joint.
  8. The headstock on this one appears to be made in three pieces, and the grain moving perpendicular between two pieces, so they probably changed it when they went to the hockey stick.
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    Nice find eh!

    I know that stage, I've see n a couple lead singers end up on their ass nearly out cold after running into the pole. Ryan's/The Lab/Station 4 is fun to play at.
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  11. I think so, yes. I mean, it's not like plywood you just buy at Home Depot, with all sorts of pits in it and what not.

    It's super heavy and solid, so I'm guessing it's probably cabinet-grade or better. With the Spector pickups, it sounds pretty good.

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