Consistent tone using DI and Cab w/Distortion

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  1. SquareWaves


    Mar 16, 2011
    I picked up a Sansamp paradriver for the DI capabilities/XLR out hoping the speaking simulation would give me a sound similar to coming out of a cabinet. It does slightly, better then nothing, but still getting the fizzy, nasty artifacts that come from putting a distortion into DI. I'm trying to get as consistent a tone as possible so that the sound coming out of bass cabs is the same that's in the DI. I know with acoustics/room tones things change and I'm prepared for that, I'd just like to be able to plug into my interface and not hear a completely different tone then I get coming out of my cabs. What should I do? Would a pedal like an omnicabsim alleviate this problem?
  2. Yes it will. Although it will still not be 100% the same as the sound you’ll hear through your cab. You could also consider a Broughton LPF/HPF
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  3. You might be better off with the tech 21 VT Bass, I often run mine to both the board and the amp with the speaker sim on and the amp set flat.

    So I get "my" tone on stage and FOH and my amp acts as a stage monitor.

    It sounds more natural to me than the Bass Driver (haven't tried the Paradriver) and I believe the speaker sim is emulating an 8x10 and I've found it pretty smooth when dealing with the multitude of distortions I've had.
  4. SquareWaves


    Mar 16, 2011
    I think the omnicabsim mini might be the way to go. I wish that Broughton was easier to find! Seems as though everyone on this board bought em all up!
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    Aug 17, 2010
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    What were your settings when using the Para Driver DI? Were you running another pedal into it or were you just using the Para Driver?