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Consolidated thread - lowered prices, pics, soundclips

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by dlenaghan, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Various pedals for sale. Priced to move! All are in working order with no issues, no crackling pots. Some come with original boxes. If they lack an original box and youd like one, it won't be hard to find a decent-sized plain cardboard one to keep it safe.

    As for the prices - take 5% off for the general USD/KRW exchange. All prices include shipping [del]from[/del]TO the US (except possibly the Morley - it's heavy and might just sell locally) via EMS. Not a lot of money to be made by me, I just want to clear things out. I have a one in, one out policy.. although ushering out an Arion EQ to justify a Xerograph isn't exactly fair ;-)

    Here they are!

    Electro Harmonix (EHX) Mole bass driver, late 60s. A working antique. Plugs into an amp or signal chain, 9v battery operation only. Excellent for driving tubes. [del]75,000[/del]won50 USD shipped.
    Boss NF-1 Noise Gate. 1979 manufacture date. With original box. [del]60,000[/del] won50 USD shipped.
    Arion SPE-1 ParaEQ. Single band parametric EQ. 30,000 won. Excellent resonant tone.
    [del]Morley volume/wah optical pedal. Footswitch activates wah level. When LED is off, it operates as a volume pedal. The sweep can be adjusted internally with a screwdriver. 40,000won.[/del]sold
    TC Electronic Shaker vibrato. True or buffered bypass via internal switch. Programmable parameters. With original box and USB cable. 90,000 won.
    Mute switch: hand made stained wood. Passive, requires no power. One momentary foot switch and one latching foot switch to mute the through-signal. Many possibilities. 15,000 won. Included gratis with any other pedal purchase

    And the prize:

    Back up!One custom Make Sounds Loudly (of Oregon, USA) hand-built dual parametric EQ. +3/-6dB boost and cut per channel.
    It has four foot switches: from L to R, EQ2, EQ1, Momentary feedback loop (with knob to adjust level), Fuzz (with knob to adjust level). It's a bright, ruthless fuzz, and the feedback loop really catches it in a hectic, walking-on-a-supernova kind of way.
    Low 58Hz to 570Hz, Mid 379Hz to 1790Hz, High 990Hz to 4675Hz, + or - 6dB per band (The cutoff Frequency per band is actually 3dB less than unity so its actually more like +3db and - 9dB *engineer speak*)
    [del]200,000 won[/del]150 USD FIRM...original build cost of 300USD.

    Soundclips: (no drive or other effects: occasional clipping yes, but that "drive" is the resonant Q)


    Other pics (Broadcast and Grey Stache have already sold) here
  2. Dual EQ fuzz feedback is on hold pending a trade.
  3. Back up! Trade on Dual EQ/FuzzFeed evaporated!
  4. Bump for dropped prices - I'll do the Boss Gate or vintage EHX driver for 50 bucks each, shipped via regular post and throw in the mute switch gratis.

    The dual EQ I'll take 150 bucks, shipped via regular post, 160 via EMS.
  5. Bump! Last week to ship anything before vacation..