Conspiracy content- No mid level Precision 5's!

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    OK. I know there are similar threads to this, but here is the basic idea.
    After obsessing about Precision style 5 strings (which IMO would include P/J config), it becomes clear that there are truly only a few choices under $1200.00 and most choices are over $1500.00.

    Almost makes me think FMIC is putting the squeeze on anyone trying to produce a 5 string with a P pickup in it shaped like a fender that is not either boutique in price, or so cheap and Chinese they can't even bother.

    Check out this list that is likely not complete but gotta be close:

    Samick Corsair CR15 5-String Bass
    Luna LUNA Paz Lenchantin Signature 5 string Bass
    Yamaha (several P/J models)
    Crestwood (gotta dig deep on Ebay to find that one)
    Kona? I guess it counts- ugliest reverse P i ever saw tho.

    Mid Level:
    Godin Freeway 5
    Fender American Standard Precision(of course!)
    Lakland Skyline several models

    Of course for $1800.00 and above there are numerous luthier built choices and Fender has the Reggie Hamilton Jazz 5....

    My point is this; I think FMIC put the squeeze on anyone trying to put a P pickup in a 5 string Fender-esque bass that has a street selling point of below $1200.00, which is where their "entry level" 5 string precision sells at.

    Try build a body on Warmoth's website even- they don't offer a 5 string P route in their dropdown! Now I'm sure you can order a 5 string P route over the phone at Warmoth- this lack of drop down choice is simply more conspiracy fodder that makes me think I am right.

    All the cheap price point basses I listed above are asian made, and most of them are Chinese except it appears Luna wants us to believe all their instruments are South Korean crafted.

    One more piece of conspiracy theory to add to the fire- Fender themselves through the Squier brand offers a 5 string "Precision" bass- with dual Jazz pickups!
    So it seems FMIC has put the squelch on P5 clones below 1200 smackers other than Chinese basses which they have no control over.

    I might be wrong, I probably am, but the evidence seems pretty compelling...:smug:

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