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(Contrabass) E. Wilfer "Eidelweiss" (Model 12) roundback 2003 with C-extension mint

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Wujekna, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Wujekna

    Wujekna Supporting Member

    This is a fully-carved, maple and spruce, classical or jazz bass, 3/4 size, with an unusually deep rib of about 9", round back. E. Wilfer is a recognized, long-established German bass lutherie, and it is signed and documented as built by this maker.

    This bass was purchased from Lemur Music in California, where it might still be seen on their website last I checked. The first owner installed a large number of pearl dots on the ebony fingerboard, duplicating the scheme that is found on Ned Steinberger bass guitars. So this could be a useful thing for electric bassists crossing over. I've spent many thousands of dollars optimizing its sound, via a "Best" Aubert bridge, a Pecanic compensated tailpiece, an ebony C-extension, carbon fiber endpiece, and other adjustments and refinements by luthiers.

    The instrument was said to have been picked for optimal sound. I have a letter of recommendation by a California luthier (who installed the dots) discussing the bass. It has been played indoors only and seldom gigged. I will throw in a Chinese pernambucco bow if you need one.

    I have some more photos and will answer any questions. Of course a good play-in would be the way to determine if this is the bass for you.

    The instrument is in New Orleans, LA -- take it home from the French Quarter Fest or Jazz Fest!

    Now offered with a Reichert (if I am recalling correctly the stamp) French-style bow.

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  2. Wujekna

    Wujekna Supporting Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen: this is a wonderful, and beautiful bass, which can be yours for a very reasonable amount. Hoping for offers around $9k.
  3. hbfosho


    Oct 26, 2007
    Lafayette, LA
    Can you post pics of the bow and end pin? did Sal do your ext. ?
  4. Wujekna

    Wujekna Supporting Member

    The extension was done by Bill Schettler, bass luthier in New Orleans, player in the LPO. It's the one that is almost all ebony, and thus lighter in weight than most, which optimizes the volume of the bass. (Done on the other end by the fancy tailpiece.)

    The endpin is the one that Gauge sells, carbon fibre, with a metal point on one end, I forget what is on the other.
  5. Wujekna

    Wujekna Supporting Member

    The bow is a Richter, French style, and was bought from Gage, I believe, about 15 years ago.
  6. Wujekna

    Wujekna Supporting Member

    Please mention this bump and take off $500 from the asking price.

    Good luck!
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