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Converting 4-string to 8-string

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by subsonic87, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Can it be done? Hypothetically, if I were to purchase a Schaller 8-string bridge and a Warmoth 8-string neck, could I mount them on a standard 4-string bass body? Would I need to change the pickups at all? Has anyone ever done this? Your thoughts please.
  2. I have a bass that is exactly what you describe.

    No need to change pups. the pairings are so close it's unnecessary. even for 12 strings too.

    Mine is a Sonic blue MIJ P-body, EMG p-j pups.
    Not that I suggest it, but this bass was given to me, and the neck was never finished, in its 10 years of existence. let me tell you, it's the best neck ever. So much so I bought a Warmoth neck for another project, and it too feels awesome.

    A testament to their neck's stability not having a hardcoat or oil or anything an being true regardless. It voids the warranty, but it's a great neck.
  3. Cool, thanks. Anyone know if it's possible to get small head tuners (like guitar tuners) in a 9/16 size? The Warmoth neck is pre-drilled for 9/16s, and it would keep the weight down if the octave tuners were smaller (like the set up on 8-stringers I see running around, Deans etc.).

    So the Schaller bridge is the way to go?

    This is all at the extremely hypothetical point right now, but I'm just gauging possibilities for maybe years down the road, when I have enough of a desire for an 8er that I'm willing to spend the dough ;) .
  4. My tuners are compact gotoh gears for the bass strings, and regular schaller guitar tuners for the octaves.
  5. You can also try banjo tuners. ;)
  6. Alright, thanks everybody. Anyone know if it's hypothetically possible to do a 12-string conversion? Maybe Warmoth would make a custom neck, but would a 12er neck even fit in a standard Fender-seize neck pocket (comfortably, that is)? A 12er would be even cooler...
  7. I kinda think it'd work ok, but I imagine the grouping would be really tight. Depends on what the bridge dictates really.
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It'd be cool, but I really don't like claustrophobically strung basses (I got big hands).