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Converting (back) to two finger playing!

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Goregrind29, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. So, here's the story, I've been trying different right hand techniques for nearly a year now, I had been playing mainly with three up until then and I felt that I couldnt get the accents right with an odd number of fingers. I play alot of fast metal type stuff so I felt that two fingers would not be quick enough for this style of music. So i tried four, and after a years work of time, and a few techniques later, finally deciding on the matt garrison style of playing, I thought I was set.
    I got the technique up to about 16ths at 200-210 BPM and was rather happy. Still though my accents were not as good as when i would play with two fingers , at a slower BPM ofcourse, but my accents were still much better than 3 fingers. My tone did lack with the garrison technique, but i overlooked this too.
    I have recently started bass lessons with a true master, Steve Jenkins and he has one of the fastest two finger techniques i have ever seen, and has also completely mastered the garrison technique. He tends to use mostly two fingers though, and this really inspired me to go back to this style of play. After about 2 hours a day against a metronome and a weeks worth of time, I have it up to about 170 and it sounds beautiful.
    Has anyone else, after trying out many picking styles, decided to just go back to two fingers?
  2. I know this bassist from an über-fast gore-punk-thrash band Funerot (www.myspace.com/funerot) who can match any speed with just the two-finger deal. His explanation was "Well, I'd practice for an hour, and then my arm would crap out....and then I'd practice some more." Wise words :)
  3. im starting to think that i too should revert to two fingers - ive been playing with three for the last year or so, trying to adopt the steve digiorio technique - but i still find i have better stamina with two - so i think why not just use what does the job? ill still use three for triplets and gallops though i think.