Converting Mono Output bass to Stereo Output

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  1. Im wanting to covert my Cort Sp-Pb P Bass from Mono to stereo, i have a stereo output jack that was ripped out of a fender active bass, my question is, do i simply wire the L/R leads to the main output from the pots? or is there something else i have to do?

  2. Also just had another cracking idea, say i wanted to just add the stereo output to the side, kinda like how Rickenbackers have dual outputs, would the electronics be able to support that?
    Ill post my bass’s electronic specs in a bit.
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    It’s a P bass clone?

    The typical stereo wiring provides separate outputs for each pickup, which obviously requires more than one pickup.....
  4. Yeah its a P Clone, I think you may be right here, the wiring i just tried didnt work, so i think im gonna try wiring it like it was before. :thumbsdown:
  5. I'm very confused. What is your objective?
    P bass, single pickup... do you want each half of the pickup having a separate output? Or something different?
    Or do you want two outputs so that you can send each to a different amplifier or chain of FX perhaps?
    It's not clear to me what you're trying to do.
  6. Well, not trying to do anything anymore, but i was trying to split the mono output from the pups to a stereo signal into a stereo jack. It didnt work though cause i accidentally melted a bit of the stereo jack, leaving it unusable. Oh well. Guess theres always next time.
  7. ouch, be careful with those irons! At least it wasn't your fingers you melted (been there, not fun at all).

    I'm still not clear what it was that you wanted: did you just want to separate that one signal from your bass into two identical signals? 'stereo' here just means two channels, sort of, the question is what do you want to put through each. If all you want is split the signal in two, you can do that easily, but unless you intend to treat each channel separately (different FX, or amplifiers or...) I am not sure I see the use (and you can always use an external little splitter/mixer).
    If you want to have different outputs on each channel you need to decide which. You can route one half of the pickup to a separate channel (not sure I'd want that but that's just me). Or you can possibly have the direct signal through one channel while the other carries the signal after it's gone through the vol/tone control. Or you can add other circuitry to one of the channels. Or...
    Just saying mono -> stereo doesn't mean a lot, especially when talking of a single pickup bass, you need to tell us what you mean, and maybe can come up with something interesting by the time you get a different jack.
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    This seems like a case of someone finding a nail and looking for a piece of wood to drive it into. ;)
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