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Converting my spare 4 string into a...........

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by paniak17, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. ok, well i have my old starter 4 string that i never use, and i want to make it a piccalo bass(sp?).
    where do i buy strings to turn this bass up an octave?
    will this idea work? will regular guitar strings be long enough/work?
  2. search the threads (especially the strings threads) for "piccolo" and you will find loads of info on setting up your bass as a piccolo bass.

    Will it work? Absolutely! You may have to tweak the action and intonation a bit come set-up time, but that's about it. Try and select strings that have tensions close to the tensions of the current strings your using.

    There is some handy info to be had on here for string tensions as well.

    Piccolo basses sound cool! Give it a go.
  3. i'm thinking that the .030 is for players that want two octaves up, and .080 is for players that just want an octave. i'd go with the lab m-20
  4. I think I'd go with the lighter gauge strings (lab-m10). The m-20 strings gauge-wise look more like a set that you'd use to make a tenor bass (ADGC).

    Don't worry about your nut. I know some people say to change it. But it's not really necessary, unless you're making a serious instrument. Just make sure that when you string it that you have enough wraps on your tuners to give you a good "break" over the nut to provide that downward pressure to hold your strings.
  5. are you sure? i mean .030 is very small for an octave above our basses low E (.100), but if you guys think its right..........can you guys try to find an in-between?
  6. p.s. im gonna experement with tunings......from EADG to ADGC, just to tell you guys, im not sure what im gonna keep though....also, keep in mind that im just messing around with this, its not anything serious, i just want to spend my money wisely.

  7. no...piccolo bass is up one octave....if you go up two octaves you're one octave higher than a GUITAR.

    0.030 is about right for a one octave up E

    0.080 is a typical gauge for a normal A string.

    0.100 is a typical gauge for a normal E string.

    Trust me, if you don't why don't you check out the gauges of typical guitar strings and since their scales are 25 vs 34...then multiply the gauge by 25/34...for instance


    The EADG gauges are 0.052, 0.042, 0.032, 0.024...convert that to scale (x25/34) and you get 0.038, 0.031, 0.024, 0.018

    compare this to the labella M-10 0.030, 0.022, 0.016, 0.012

    Conversely, the ADGC strings on a typical 6 string bass set are: http://store.juststrings.net/lab-sn47cb.html 0.085, 0.065, 0.045, 0.029 (looks very similar to the 0.080, 0.065, 0.045, 0.030 of the m-20 set, doesn't it).
  8. This would work, too...although, I'd still be suspect about too much tension...I'd still go with the lighter gauged labellas as they are smaller and will keep the tension off your neck.
  9. uh....my d string is .075, .5 difference isn't going to make that much difference in how i tune, and i'll still be able to go a step up. that's one octave right there. also, i'm seeing alot of labella 6 string sets with their high C being of .029. round up, and you've got .030. only way it appears you're going to get E is if you tune up 2 1/2 steps. seems a little ridiculous to me.

    more importantly, i just ordered the lab m-20s, they WILL fit on a regular scale bass, right? i've just got a squire p-bass, i'm hoping i won't get strings that are too short
  10. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004