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Cool Article about DG Project

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Gabu, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Hi guys, I read a cool article and wanted to pass it on. It's about Dann Glenn's new project.

    This article found on:

    Bass legend Jeff Berlin will be joining fretless virtuoso Dann Glenn on the title track of Dann's newest (11th) CD "The Eldest Brother," a tribute to Dann's mentor, electric bass pioneer Monk Montgomery. William Howard (Monk) Montgomery was the first to play electric bass on a jazz recording (Lionel Hampton) and the eldest brother to his famous siblings Wes and Buddy. The Montgomery brothers recorded many inspired records together, and also pursued successful solo careers. "It's wonderful having a bass legend such as Jeff Berlin pay homage to another legend that has gone before him," says Dann.

    Monk was a serious influence and mentor while Dann was in his twenties. Now, many years later the story behind DG's legendary mentoring of other bass players has surfaced. It turns out that before he died, Monk made Dann promise that he would always do for others what Monk did for him. "Monk knew after I did this a few times my natural instincts would take over and I'd end up just doing it. According to Monk we compete with ourselves not others, so the sooner a player is helped out of their own way...the better the music will become," DG says.

    Unlike Dann's past solo and midi bass projects, this CD will have not only Jeff Berlin guesting, but an ensemble as well. Dann reports the music will be in the post/bop jazz vein, as anything else would not give proper homage to Monk. Jeff Berlin and Dann Glenn have been close friends for many years both having been on the faculty at Hollywood's Bass Institute of Technology. Though neither of these bass masters now lives in LA, they have remained close friends and allies, often clashing with others in the press over their opinions about serious music and bass guitar education. "Jeff Berlin has the integrity and metal to confront all of the hocus pocus misinformation and meaningless gizmos that plague the electric bass student. We both get slagged by nay-sayers hiding behind their computers all the time, but have never been proven wrong in real time face to face confrontations. If anything I've seen Jeff turn a player around in ten minutes just by backing up the truth with facts," says Dann.

    The new CD is now in pre-production as Dann awaits delivery of his second HotWire DG6 fretless signature. Dann's newest signature bass has been upgraded considerably.
    This fretless contra bass guitar only has one wooden-covered bridge pick up and no knobs! Dann uses a pedal for volume concerns and the output is hardwired to be plugged directly into his amp. Dann tells us, "Jeff and I only use passive electronics as we get most of our sound from of our hands. I rarely if ever touch my volume and decided to just do away with all the knobs. My hands and strings are pretty much the essence of my voice. My signature basses are hand-built in Germany and are all strung from day one with GHS Progressives six string sets. I find a string that speaks well to be crucial for organic fretless, however it was also great for the midi bass piece I have on the new Bass Talk 7 Lords of the Bass CD. The concept of trying to maintain your sound from having a really bright, piano like string doesn't work for me any more. As I've matured it's become paramount that a string speak really well while maintaining a consistent tone, without coloring the original signal too much. I finally found that Progressives give me everything I require in a bass guitar string. "

    Dann has just returned from playing in Japan and Jeff from Italy, California, and Mexico. Mr. Berlin will be traveling extensively for the immediate future, but plans to record with DG upon his return. Dann has an advise forum on the popular bass site Basslinks.nl.
    Upon learning about this alliance of Jeff and Dann one of the players remarked, "Please get the fire department on standby. Can you imagine the sparks that are gonna be flyin' off those 20 fingers?!!!"

    Bert Gerecht

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