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Cool history at our last gig!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by BIg O, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Background -
    Some of you might remember a story of how our drummer Bert opened a local show for Led Zeppelin in 1970. He has also played with Ronnie Hawkins (whose band the Hawks later became The Band).

    Story -

    So Bert gets us a Sunday 5pm - 9pm gig at the Dominion Tavern (est. 1865) in Stratford, Ontario.

    Between sets at this cool little room, we notice some pictures on the far wall of a band called the REVOLS, who played there in the late fifties and early 60's. The band members' names are all listed in the photos - the piano player is Richard Manuel - 2nd KB with The Band! (He unfortunately committed suicide in the 80's.)

    Looking at the earlier pics, we see that the original guitarist was John Till (he looks about 16 years old in the 1957 picture). He went on to fame playing with Janis Joplin in the Full Tilt Boogie Band. He is back in Stratford now, living the quiet country life...

    Cool place, I always like uncovering history where we play!
  2. ~Psychedelic~


    Nov 23, 2003
    I thought Sam Andrews always played with Joplin?
  3. "...and John Till, the lead guitarist, had played in Ronnie Hawkins's legendary rock 'n' roll band, the Hawks, although Till had joined Janis earlier, days before Woodstock, replacing Sam Andrew."

    an excerpt from the book by Alice Echols:

    Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin
  4. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    At a club we play at on the shore, there's a newspaper ad from 1972 in a frame near the "stage." It says that you can hear Joni play organ at the bar 5 nights a week and has a picture of her smiling in her beehivy hairdo.

    There's an old lady who plays jazz for the dinner crowd before we play for the nightime bar crowd, and one time, thinking I was being funny, I asked the bartender if that was the same Joni. It was!!! She has had that gig for over 30 years!!!!!!! 5 nights a week, with more in the summer!!!! Can you imagine? She plays piano now, and has a footpedal unit for basslines that has a pretty cool tone. Sometimes we help her load it into her van. I'd like to have a steady gig that I could earn a living from, but I don't know if I could handle the same bar for 30+ years.
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