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Cool idea

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Alex, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. I was thinking of arranging the Doors' "LA Woman" for my school jazz band. Would this work? I thought it would be cool; there are so many overdubbed guitar parts throughout the song that you could almost just assign each to an instrument

    I'm not too savvy with writing out parts for non rhythm section instruments, though. That's where I need you guys' help. I don't know what the key is either, but I have transcribed almost the entire song for bass and guitar. Anyone wanna kinda collaborate w/ me, E-mailing Finale files back and forth?

    The band has 2 Baris and 4 other saxes (I don't know the tenor/alto breakdown, probably 2/2) 2 trombones, 3 trumpets (Bb or C - don't know - does it matter?), and a basic rhythm section (bass, drums, 2 guitar, piano). I'll find out specifics Tuesday when we get back to school.

    We can change the song as much as we want to fit the Jazz band format.

    Anyone interested?

  2. guess not:bawl:
  3. BassChuck


    Nov 15, 2005
    A few thoughts here. Are you sure there are 2 bari saxes? A usual sax section has 2 Altos 2 Tenors and 1 bari. The trumpets will be in Bb, and that only makes a difference in how the parts are copied, if you are using Finale, it will transpose the notes for you.

    Are you sure this is a good song for your jazz band? Will somebody be singing? The reason I ask is because without the lyrics it really doesn't have the same kind of musical interest that (probably) the other matterial your jazz band will be playing. Of course that is just my personal opinion, but I've done a lot of arranging for jazz bands and one thing that is always a problem is that a song that is really cool to listen to can often come off kinda dull when you take out the lyrics and the guitar sound. You might want to re-think this and find another tune that will work better as an instrumental.

    As far as information that you will need to write this or any other music for your jazz band, there are a lot of good texts out there that will explain what you need to know about the instruments. My suggestion would be to ask your jazz band teacher about all this and explain what you want to do. He (she) may have some information that you can borrow. Truthfully the best source would be to photocopy the scores of the jazz band charts that the school owns and study them for instrumental ranges and how the different sections are written and arranged.
  4. Hey, what about Bootsy Collins' Jungle Bass (Disciples of Funk)