Cool Micro Practice Amp from an Unusual Source

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  1. I picked up a couple of old Acoustic Research "Powered Partners" monitors the other day at Goodwill for $12.00. I had never seen these before and they looked like quality pieces witht he cast wedge box and internal amp. I've had them for awhile but today I got the wild hair to plug my J-Retro Jazz into one of them. DAMN!! It worked! And it worked really well. Very clean tone and decent volume. These have a 4"+ driver with a tweeter, volume and tone control and a pilot light. They take an input signal of 10k ohms. These are on ebay and the used market all over for under $30 a pair but they were quite expensive when offered new. AR was bought out several years ago but the units were manufactured under the new name - which escapes me right now. Here's a pic of one with my car key for size reference:
  2. Very cool!
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    Jan 14, 2004

    Always into something. Leave it to you to get a deal on something that only cost 30 bucks. Makes me wonder what you were actually looking for when you were there. What was it you used suitcases for?

    Yeh I've seen them on ebay and I've thought about some small monitors for the micro bass setup. So'd you just plug straight into them? Any bass to speak of?

    Happy Thanksgiving and How's the Hoof?

    Happy Thankgiving to all
  4. The bass is great. You'll reach the driver's limits before the amp distorts. Everything sounded very HiFi. I don't have a passive setup to test it with but there seemed to be enough headroom to get a decent volume.

    The ankle is 100% now. I can play the piano again! :bassist: