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Cool Recording Ideas

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Jiro, May 3, 2005.

  1. Jiro


    Mar 15, 2004
    I've been trying this new technique of recording using a combination of guitar pro 4 and adobe audition together. The goal here was to just sight read songs so I didn't have to memorize the songs and waste paper if I planned to print out the song out, which would be such a hastle.

    Basically, I would hit record in adobe audition and play on a song in guitar pro 4 and then play along the guitar pro midi tracks. With my bass, as adobe audition records, I would just follow along the bass tab in guitar pro as that plays. Then my guitar friend comes and records his part. Haha and for the vocal's part I exported the midi track from the guitarpro's song to a notation software(Finale) so i could transcribe it to Eb(alto sax) and then record in the same manner... haha it was pretty neat.

    Now I had a nice bass track recorded in adobe audition. Next, since I don't have a drummer, I used the midi track's drums. First, using guitar pro, I'd export that track. My midi output is Yamaha XG synthsoft i think, so it is an improved sound then conventional midi. Then I did the exact same thing with the keyboard track. After all this exporting it was now time to import. I imported these tracks to their own tracks in adobe audition.

    Finally, I had all the pieces. All the parts recorded and ready but a final problem arose. The problem was that all the tracks were not in sync. So using some very amaturish editing skills i was able to sync all the tracks. IT SOUNDED SO AWESOME!!!However, the song would begin to go out of sync near the middle and then continue to diverge outwards in this fashion. At the end of the song it sounded like real crap. I think it's because my computer is lagging!!!!!! not enough ram during the recording process?!? i don't know... I'm going to try on my other computer though...

    Anyway, that is how im doing things right now. All the equipment im using here is: a toshiba laptop(pentium 4), adobe audition, guitar pro, finale, yamaha XG synthsoft, an old Fender precision bass, yorkville XT200T amp, a mic, a mic stand, some Gibson Les Paul, and some 30W marshall amp my friend brought for the occasion.

    BTW, if you have any cool recording ideas to say... say them! and noobs like me would greatly appreciate it haha...

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