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corelli solos

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by dragonetti11, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    When it comes to the corelli 360 medium and forte tx, how loose is loose?? Im considering buying a set of solo corellis and I dont know what kind to get. What about the 380 nickel set, how do they compare besides being tighter. Does gary karr use the nickel set??
  2. It has been a while since Gary has stopped by for lessons, keeps saying he is to busy. Slacker.
    So I am not sure what he is using for strings these days. I thought he was using 370M's could be wrong.

    The thing I didn't like about the Corelli solos vs. Spirocore is that they are a very light gauge string.
    I took the Spiro solos and the Corelli solos off after a short time. I gave the Spiros to my teacher he likes them. To me coming from BG they were to much of a crutch. I wasn't using proper playing style. It was to easy to fall back in to a BG style of grip. i.e. squeeze with the thumb instead of the shoulder.
  3. Hello
    Could you explain more the difference between Corelli solos vs. Spirocore solos? Which one is more tension? Especiall, E and A strings.
    Thank you
  4. Beware!
    There are three kinds of Corelli solo-tuning strings:

    360M (tungsten, medium tension, solo)
    360TX (tungsten, extra forte tension, solo)
    390TX (nickel, extra forte tension, solo)

    Corelli is the only brand I know which makes solo-tuning strings in several gauges.
  5. A tidbit of knowledge from Chris Quinn.

    Instrument strings are a very small portion Corllei's business. Their primary business is tennis racket strings.
  6. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    So would the 360 forte tx be less tension than the obligato mediums?? I know the 360 mediums are actually quite light (right)?
  7. Do you want to use the 360TX (meant for solo-tuning) at orchestra or solo pitch?
    If you'd use them at orchestra pitch, I'm confident they'd be lower tension than Obligatos, which are only available in orchestra-tuning, medium gauge.
    Otherwise I'm afraid you'll need to contact Savarez to get the 360TX tension at solo pitch, and Pirastro for the Obligatos.
    In that case, I wish you the best of luck!... :)
    (OTOH, why would you want to compare the tension of one set at solo pitch, and the other at orchestra pitch? Doesn't make much sense, IMHO.)
  8. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    I would use it at solo pitch and I want a little lighter string tension than what i have now.
  9. What do you have now?
  10. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
  11. Hey Drag......,

    Who is your teacher? From your profile, I assume that you are in the Winona area.

    If your interests are in playing at solo pitch, a good teacher should have some advise in that area. It's my understanding that you will loose a great amount of volume going from Obligatos to a solo string.

    I made an interesting observation last weekend. I had two young students play in my section in an orchestra that backed up a Steinway Artist so I wanted players of decent ability(BTW, They are better than I am). One is a student at Manhattan and the other is at Cleveland. They both had red Flexicores on their basses at the suggestion of their teachers.

    Francois, to answer you question from a previous thread, I have gone from Original Flexicores to Corellis and back to my Flexicores. The Corellis were a bust on my bass.

  12. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    Its currently Robert Gardner in Rochester MN but Im going to start lessons with Karyn Quinn soon. I will ask Karyns opinion on strings before I make any final decisions. I was also considering the flexocores, what are they like, tension, sound, etc? And what about the picato inovations??
  13. You're playing Obligatos at solo-pitch???
    No wonder why you're looking for a lighter string!
    They are designed to be played at orchestra pitch.
    If I was playing arco only, and at solo pitch, I'd choose Jargar Dolces, but they may not be the best choice if you want a brighter tone though.
  14. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    No Im playing them at regular tuning (I've never had solo strings before). But I need some for an up-coming concert. Im considering pirastro flexocore, corelli, pirastro permanent, and the picato innovations. What would be the best choice for a clear, even, warm, and loud sound, and respond to the bow and to vibrato well?
  15. I'd look at either Pirastro Original FlatChromes (available in solo-tuning) or Jargar Dolce.
    For my taste, the Corellis are too bright, but they may sound different to you. Same thing with the Permanents.

  16. He uses 360M's for the G & D , but he finds the e and a too loose so he uses the 370M E & A and tunes them up; I got an email back from him recently when i asked him that exact question.

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