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Corporate sponsors for the FUNK FEST Band

Discussion in 'Ask Doug Johns' started by BuffaloBass, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Yo Doug!

    So a while ago I had this crazy hypnotic induced? thought about applying for a NEA grant to pull together a funk band and tour - in and out of the US. Promoting this originally uniquely American brand of music..

    Thinking out loud what corproate sponsors would find it in their best interests to sponsor a traveling FULL FUNK band. You know horns, Hammond, backup chrous, the whole nine yards.... It takes a full stage of musicians to really do the funk right.... and therfore we never really see it live anymore...

    I'll come back to this when some "cosmic bullets" penetrate my hard ass skull.....

    Oh WHY? The energy surrounding original funk, that's why. An energy this American rebel thinks we could use a mainline of right about now...... empowered, ubertolerant of individual souls, not so tolerant of "the man" or institutions of control, and.... FELT TO THE CORE.......

    "Funk not only moves, but it can REMOVE"

    Oh man, do we, as a Nation, need some removing once upon a time called NOW!