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    Jan 11, 2008
    Anyone know of any "In the Arms of God" era C.O.C. bootlegs. That album kills, but I never got to see them on that tour.

    I was just watching Live Volume and thinking how cool it would have been...

    SO, any bootlegs of Mike Dean and the lads in action.

    Audio or video, I don't care!
  2. I had the great fortune to see them both headlining and opening for Motorhead the year they released that record. Fantastic.

    I can't help you with bootlegs from that tour, but I do have a demo from December 9, 1985. It's the crossover/punk stuff they did in the early days when they were a three-piece and Mike sang. Interested? PM me.
  3. Saw them open for motorhead the year in the arms of god came out too what a great album. Don't miss COC live when they tour they are amazing.

    Slightly OT but any word on any new material or is Pepper going to be screwing around with Down for the foreseeable future :(
  4. 6810


    Jan 11, 2008