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  1. I'm not really looking at buying but I'm interested in getting a 6 string bass some time in the [distant?] future. I don't any money at the moment (uni student, no job) but over a few sets of hols I could probly get the dosh together to get a new bass.

    Theres a Cort A6 for sale at a music store up the road, going for $1,750 (about $1,150 US). Because of a lack of music stores in my locality, that store doesn't mind charging a little extra, so I could probly talk them down a few hundred maybe.

    I played it unplugged for a little while (wasn't terribly impressed but it had light gauge strings and I was crouching while playing, so it was kinda biased against) so I'm not real certain on what its capable of yet.

    I've heard some pretty good things about the Peavey Cirrus but I have never seen one, so I'm not sure I could get my hands on one. Is it worth saving for a while and getting the Cort or waiting till I'm really working and getting something a little sweeter? Or stick with my plan to make one myself?

    Josh D
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    Apr 2, 2002
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    Well what are you looking to spend? I have no experience with a Cort, but alot of people think very highly of the Cirrus line of basses.

    As far as waiting, it always makes something sweeter when you have to wait and work for it but if you want to wait, that's your call.

    And look around on the net for deals. With the internet your not just stuck with your local stores anymore. I can understand how buying sight-unseen can be tricky, but alot of retailers have a trial period and can work with you on that.