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Cort Artisan A5 ???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FretGrinder, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. I'm probbly getting a Cort Artisan A5 in the next fortnight to replace my stolen Rickenbacker. Made in Korea 5-er, neck-thru swamp ash w/bartolini mk1 pups and a bart-designed preamp. Any opinions on these? RRP $995 US, i'm getting it for Aus$1440 with case.

    I like it, but have only played it in the shop, and not through my amp .... i hate playing while the guys in Fender shirts play van halen licks and snigger in the background ...

    PS Opinions on the low B most welcome as this will be my first 5-er and i am not too well-researched in 5 strings ..
  2. (bounce)

    Anyone? I know there are some opinions out there...
  3. Ahhh, I happen to own one and must say it's an extremely versitile bass. Very playable.
    The low B is very good, and the fortress bridge when properly set up helps create sweet harmonics, lots of sustain.
  4. I also own a artisan bolt-on which is great, the neck thru has even better sustain and balance.
  5. thanks jordan, It's comforting to hear a positive appraisal of the B string. Tomorrow i think I'll pick one up ... mmmm
  6. Got it. Artisan A5 with natural finish / neck-through / bartolini electronics. Haven't run it through my Big Rig yet, but I'll post a review once i do. So far - i like. Got it for Au$1500 with flight case + extras.

    Just gotta get used to 5 strings by thursday ... got a gig ... :

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