cort b4 blend pot problem

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  1. hari trisnanto

    hari trisnanto

    Mar 15, 2017
    hello everyone..
    this is my first post here...
    I had some problem with my cort B4 that I bought some week a go (a second hand basses) the passive/active position,when I turn blend pot in the center position...there're any differrent sound level for some strings...the sound of 1st & 2nd strings are more louder than 3rd & 4th strings...when i pluck 3rd & 4th strings,the sound are like old strings,but 1st & 2nd strings sound are normal (bright)...but when I turn blend pot full in the bridge /neck pick up (active/passive position),the sound of all strings are normal & balance...FYI ,I already use a new strings set...anyone can to give me an advice or had the same bass trouble experience ? question,the problem is blend pot?pick up?or pre-amp?...thanks for the attention,and Iam sorry for my english :D
    Regards from Indonesia!
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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Welcome to TalkBass. If the pickups sound normal when the blend pot is fully in the neck or bridge position the problem is not with the pickups. The blend pot is probably dirty. Get some spray cleaner for pots (potentiometers) with the little tube, remove the control cover on the back of the bass and spray just a little in the opening of each pot, one at a time. Rotate the knob from stop to stop 12 to 24 times. The blend pot should have two stacked sections. Spray both at the same time. Clean all the pots while you have the control cover off. It may take more than one time.
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  3. hari trisnanto

    hari trisnanto

    Mar 15, 2017
    Iam sory for late response...thanks for the advice.I already replaced the blend pot with new part,but the problem is not solved yet...E & A strings are still low output than D & G strings in both pickup I just can to play the bass with bridge or neck pickup position only to get normal/balance output for all strings...☺