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Cort B4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. ive played one of these a few times at my local and im really starting to dig it, love the wenge neck.....gives a dark/warmish tone..anyone here got one or played one?
  2. EricTheEZ1


    Nov 23, 2004
    Clawson, MI
    If I remember correctly, I played one of those a few months ago. I was curious about the Bart MK-1 pickups it has (same as Lakland Skylines). I thought the tone was excellent. It had a wonderful warmness to it.

    If I were trying to play practically with it, I'm sure it would need more oomph. It seemed like it wouldn't cut through a rock band without some more edge. In a funk/motown group, it would need a bit more growl and thump. All that could come from some [light] EQing, I'm sure. I'm rarely let down by things with Bartolini pickups. If it sounds like crap, it's probably my fault.


    P.S. - If you check out the electronics package that comes standard with that bass you'll see what a great deal it is. Especially on EBay. I saw a Zebrawood version of that bass on Ebay. INCREIBLE DEAL!!
  3. jeffhigh


    May 16, 2005
    Not a B4 but I have a swamp ash B5 that I bought about 6 weeks ago and love it . Very versatile tone range from the Pickups and EQ, love the 3 band eq with none of the stacked knob thing. a good setup with nut slots filed down and it plays great. PM me if you would like to try it.
  4. dbaser


    Jan 22, 2005
    Mobile, AL
    I bought the Artisan A5 a couple of weeks ago.. same electronics.... plays nice... fast neck... I'm really impressed.
  5. cool...im rather interested in getting one of these or a ibanez btb(400 i have in mind) i played both today...the btb has a brighter more defined tone, while the cort was warmer and darker...but i understand what you're saying about it not cutting through so easily eric..maybe boost the upper mids a little?
  6. I own one play it everyday. The growl factor is there. Even with the half dead nickle rounds I've got on it. Although with it switched eq off the growl factor is lame. I must admit. (it's not active / passive, but active flat eq / active user adj. eq) Which is real nice to be able to switch to flat yet remain active. When setting up acoustics w/ cabs, room, ect. To have a solid base line.

    I must say eq'd vs eq'd it has way more growl & thump than my 5 string Rock Bass tuned Low B. With fresh SS strings on it. The stament on it needing more umph. I think had more to do with settings and amp / cab selection.

    I play it though a Mesa WalkAbout and an Ampeg SVT classic mini stack (8x6.5") It still has low end to rattle the Apt. complex. Same head and cheapo behringer cabs. It's still over bearing. Litterally flexing the glass.

    On either rig have the amp mildly boosting bass like 2-3 db per setting. Mildy cutting mids 2-3 db per setting. And boosting treble 6-7 db on setting. (I dialed the treble on the parametic to be a mid cut) So I'm actively increasing bass on 2 dials (1 @ 1 o'clock & 1 @ ~50hz), passively cutting mids on 1 (@ 11 o'clock) & actively cutting mids on 2 (1 @ ~400hz & 1 @ ~1.8k), and actively increasing treble on 1 (@ 3 o'clock) I run the input gain in about the 3 o'clock position theres no db indication on the gain dial. But 12 o'clock is flat on Mesa's. For referance point.

    On the bass I usually find myself with these settings. 12 o'clock being flat / center. Bass @ 4 o'clock, Mids @ 11 o'clock, Treble @ 4 o'clock, balance slightly foward @ 1-2 o'clock. Even with nickle wounds it has a beastly growl that puts that maple / rosewood neck & alder body 5 string Rock Bass to shame.

    Sorry I didn't mean to go on and on and on. But I did, sorry again. I hope that helps in you quest for individual tone.
  7. thanks vapo...i didnt like the eq bypass switch that much..if i choose to get one i might try and get that bypass switch modded to a passive/active switch