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Cort Basses, yes or no ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by The Great Rober, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. The Great Rober

    The Great Rober

    Dec 4, 2003
    Ok so , I've just tested out a Cort B4Fl ( fretless).
    It sounded good and felt good as well.It seemed much better value than anything else in the shop, Fender,yamah,ibenez ..
    So...is there a catch.
    All your views please on Cort Basses
  2. kmacleish


    Nov 19, 2003
    Atlanta, GA
    I have played one and liked it a lot.

    If they made a 5-string fretless with lines, I would buy one.
  3. Just exactly what more would you be looking for in a bass?

    If it's just to have a more expensive bass, then why even look at Cort?

    Please have some faith in your own observational abilities as a musician and a bassist that knows what he wants. You'll get a lot of opinions and for the most part, they'll fall equally on both sides of the fence but that's only because all of those reviewers aren't you. They don't have a clue what you want - they know what THEY want and that doesn't necessarily match with your desires.

    You've played it, you've liked it, - at this point, our collective opinion about a certain instrument isn't going to make a bit of difference in what you've already experienced.
  4. Hambone is most definitely right in saying all this, although it might be of use to a less experienced bass player to know if certain companies are known for putting out a lesser quality product, or even more specifically if there are problems that are well known in the bass community with that brand. I assume this player was looking more for advice on the whether or not this was a reliable brand in general as opposed to whether or not he should like it.

    I've heard mixed reports on corts, just like Hambone said, the best adice I could give is finding a more experienced player to go with you to the store and check fretwork, craftmanship, and just to once over the instrument in general to see if there is anything better you could find. I know I sure wish I had someone who had told me to save my money and buy a good sounding quality bass instead of going through 3 before finding a good tone and nice setup for me.
  5. I, for one, have not been impressed with the Cort basses that I've played, especially the Curbow series. I own an cort M-200 guitar, though. If you like it, buy it. They seem to be well built, and it was just to tone that I didn't like.
  6. The Great Rober

    The Great Rober

    Dec 4, 2003
    Ok so maybe I wasn't that clear.
    I have a 73 Fender P and now want a fretless.
    Cort may not be the first name to spring to mind so really the advice I wanted on Cort as a bass maker/brand.
  7. Look, Cort is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world by volume. They make a lot of the instruments under many different names. You may have played several in your lifetime and didn't know it. Within that context, there are a lot of levels of design, component selection and workmanship. Also within that are the inevitable rotten examples of the line that come from slipups in the miles of assembly lines for these things. So, where does that leave you? Right where you started with a single example of an instrument in your hands. That's where the rubber meets the road...whether or not the company is decent, or has a celebrity endorser or whatever, simply doesn't mean anything when you're critiqueing that instrument you're holding. Groovecenter is right-on in the advice to seek the advice of someone you trust about the luthiery details of a particular instrument. And DON"T let your techs preconceived notions about a brand sway you in any way until you've experienced the goods for yourself.

    That said, here's some more on Corts. The basses I've seen with the Cort name on them range from near $100 Precision clones to the higher end Curbow and other wood bodied originals. Pricing rarely gets above $600 for anything they make. Hardware is generally decent original design stuff. Some of the designs are traditional but others have some interesting design details.

    They play decently overall and IMO usually simply need setup. I've owned a Curbow and it was a well made instrument. I enjoyed it while I had it but sold due to it really not "fitting" my body type (read: I was too big). I have a TB'ers newer Cort Curbow with the Bart pup and it's killer.

    Which brings me to another angle. The Corts are nice platforms on which to make changes in components and soup up the tone. Easily done for the most part.

    Hope this helps.
  8. kingbrutis


    Aug 10, 2003
    Phoenix AZ
    I play a 5 curbow and love it. It is light, fast and the body is very hard to hurt. I hade a 4 curbow fretless and liked it also. I just cant play fretless very good. For the money, I think it is very nice. Later Joe
  9. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    I have a Cort P-bass that's older than me, and it's terrible. Sounds like cardboard, the pickup is buzzy and microphonic, and the tuners barely stay in tune longer than 5-minutes. I've heard however that the newer corts are very good for the money, but anything from 5+ years ago is going to be crap.

    If you wanna get a fretless, i'd recommend an Essex or Brice from www.rondomusic.com Very nice instruments for very little dough. :bassist:
  10. SlimT


    Feb 27, 2002
    Eden Prairie, MN
    The Great Rober:

    I'm not familiar with the model you are referring to. However, I own a Cort Curbow 5 and really like it.

    I wish I would have known that you could buy them directly from Greg Curbow himself when I bought mine. He's got a case that fits them, as well as offering setup and the US made bartolini pickup and preamp.

    The curbow is a sweetspot bass, but I can't really compare it to a Precision as I've never owned one.

    Here is a link to his website:

  11. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    The Cort B4 is pretty darn nice for the price, i think... mahogany body, wenge neck... wow...
    i played it, the tone won't knock you out, but good body construction and again, great for the price.

    the Artisan series (i think) or A4 is the next step up. played pretty nice.
    personally, i don't think the price jump is justified, compared to the B4.

    C series, and anything lower priced sucks, IMHO.

    the Cort Elrick JP5s is very very nice. in fact, pretty awesome for the price.

    that's my experience with Cort basses (extensive playing time at the local store)
  12. The Great Rober

    The Great Rober

    Dec 4, 2003
    Thanks guys
    It looks like the the B series offers good value for money and is a resonable bass.I've struck a good deal ( for the UK that is) on a B4FL.I'm pretty certain that's the way I'll go.Just needed to make sure I was not making a major mistake !
  13. I'm a fan of the Cort Curbows - great little instruments. I'm thinking of taking advantage of the current £-$ exchange rate and getting a couple more for myself at the moment. I'll probably order direct from Greg Curbow, as he offers a full setup and lots of options.

    Russ :bassist:
  14. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    Great Rober,
    i read here on TB a while back that Jill Scott's bassist used the Cort B4fl to record her live album... it's an awesome album, the bass sounds great.
    well, the bassist sounds great. ;)

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