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Cort basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by harley_ou812, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. Hi my main electric is a Cort new action 5. I bought it for a couple hundred bucks not sure how much anymore. I have ben playing for about 9 months pretty much everyday usually between a half hour and 2 hours with some 9 hour days in there :). I Have lookd at alot of other "high end basses" such as Fender MiA, peavey cirrus, alot of Ibanez, some spectors among others and none of them feel as comfortable as my Cort!?! Now i nknow that most shops dont set up there basses but the fender MiA was set up basically the same as my Bass (from the same place i bought my bass) could it be i just dont like fenders and these others werent setup? that is what i am led to believe. Or is the Cort new action 5 actually a better bass then i am led to believe?

    thank you for any info you can give
  2. well i kno that i played a cort curbow not to long ago and the neck action was very fast, it was very easy to move your fingers fast across the neck. im not sure if thats wut ur askin or not but thats my opinion
  3. well that isn't exactly what i was asking. The New action just seems to have like the perfect action and string spacing for me and is shaped perfect for me it balances well and it has a great tone even unplugged. I love this bass. But i am wondering if it is cause i am so used to this bass?
  4. flipperwhite


    Jul 12, 2001
    that has a lot to do with it,thats why some people love a "P" bass and some hate them,Cort builds more guitars than almost anybody and have some(imo) great and some pure junk but they are putting out more good than bad quality these days,I have had to set up every guitar I have ever bought except for my Brian Moore which I bought used from a guitar tek guy in Huntsville al.if your happy with your Cort.... .don't worry..be happy.:cool:
  5. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Well, Harely, have you ever read this before:
    "find the bass that fits you" ?
    This bass that fits you may be what the absolute majority will call a crappy hunk of wood.
    Big price does not indicate good bass - for you.

    Cort make lots of instruments. Thus, the quality varies, like with Fender. Find a good one, and you have a great bass.
  6. After playing your Cort everyday for 9 months, i think the reason you don't like any other bass is because you are so used to yours.

    When i first got my rick, i had a hard time getting used to my right-hand positioning. Now i have better right-hand technique on my rick than with any other bass.

    Then when i got my cort curbow fretless 5, i had a VERY hard time getting used to the neck. Now i love the neck!

    It just takes getting used to, man.. like anything else :)
  7. Ok if I do love it so because i am so used to it and iwould decide to buy another bass how do i pick one that i will like. If it is something i will have to become accustomed to how will i know if it will be me or if i wont ever like it? I have found i like the feel of my acoustic basses neck as well so maybe if i can find something similiar to one of them i would like it.. hmmm well anyway thanks for your opinions
  8. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Go scouting!
    You're not searching for your partner for life, just a bass. So you can/should try them all. Once in while you'll find an item that you like, and then you decide whether you like it enough to buy it.

    In that order.

    (This is becoming my "mantra"! I need to find another way to express it:D )

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