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  1. okay so i am lookin for a new bass i have decided i dont much like my ibanez srx300 anymore and i find a cort curbow 4 in Prince George B.C. which is the closest city to me basically anyway under 250 american shipped under 300 canadian what do u think good deal or no.
  2. and also would this bass be a upgrade from my ibanez i am thinking so because of the bartolini pickup but it may look like a bit of a joke on me since i am 6'4 and a half or so but i just need to know if it is a good allround bass and if i am getting a deal and also do u think i will beable to get more for my ibanez??
  3. I play a Cort Curbow 4, I paid $360 for mine new and it has the burl finish, the bass sounds and plays great, but requires a lot of releif if your going to be changing tuning. My band plays a half step down, and when Im a 1/2 step and in drop D(b) then the releif in the neck goes away and i get some buzzing on the first 3 frets of the A-string. Also the bass looks a little small on me and I am only 5'10", so I would consider that. Similar basses in that price range of $250 are the Peavey Milleniums, I dont own one but I was very impressed with the way they play.
  4. lbanks


    Jul 17, 2003
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    Listen, the bass is going to sound alright, but its going to look like a guitar on you. I'd suggest looking for a used G&L Tribute or a used Spector. Barring that, maybe a Brice.
  5. okay so all in all is it worth the money?? i mean just the bass itself. and how much do u think i will beable to get for my ibanez srx 300??
  6. okay well i read some reviews checked out the electronics which i found out were not barts they are mightymite all in all i think i didnt do too badly, i spent a little more htan i wanted to but hey under 300 shipped with custom hardshell case i cant complain.
  7. kingbrutis


    Aug 10, 2003
    Phoenix AZ
    I have owned a cort 5 and a 4 fretless. I liked both alot. As a matter of fact, I wish I still had the 5er. My 5 had the mightymite pich up and it sounded very good. Good luck Joe
  8. thanks