Cort Funkmachine

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. well after playing 3 gigs about 200km's from home this weekend :oops: i got to check out a few music stores and i finally found a cort funkmachine
    and all i can say is i want one, the built in envelope was cool, i couldnt mess around with the settings but the stock settings did it for me, nice jazz bass style neck, light body and i like the shape too, really comfortable...the only thing that was a little off putting was the bridge, i just dont like it that much, i wonder if its possible to put a badass on it?

    has anyone got one or played one, thoughts/opinions?
  2. I've played the better version of the one in the picture..Nice neck, body shape, it was extremely heavy..The built in envelope is very poor, useless. I'd get an artisan A series, with nice figured body...They have the same pups.
    To summerize, if you like the custom paint job buy this, pay about 200-300 (?) dollars more. Otherwise get the A4 for less money, same tone and more stunning looks. I'm thinking of getting an A4 fretless too..
  3. i really dug the envelope actually, but i just love that effect anyway..i didnt think it was heavy, although my ksd wieghs a ton anythings light compared to it...the two funkmachines are the same except for the paint job, but theres a rather big price difference:eyebrow: