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COSM vs Tube rig

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by WarPig, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. I want to upgrade the front end of my amp. I'm going to bipass my monoblok's front end and use another front-end fed into the power section of the blok's head into a 1x15 & 2x12 cabs

    ??????Are the COSM modelers worth their spit?

    I'd like an Ampeg tube preamp, but if the COSM model units sound the same and do ++more.......then go with technology...right???

    I'd like your opinions....esp on the BOSS GT6B and Roland V-Bass. :hyper:

    And for you analog fans......is something like an Ampeg all-tube preamp all I really need ?????"put the money where the sound really counts"?????

    I play a Warwick 5er fretless, and a 1979 BC Eagle currently

    .....Any helpful opinions about COSM vs real Tube preamps would be much appreciated...... :) david Thanks...
  2. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    I have a Mesa 400+ and I also just recently aquired a GT-6B. Before I go on, I'd like to say that the FX on the 6B are completely awesome. However, I never really have liked any modelers, and the 6B is no exception. All that the models add to my ears is extra hiss and hum. Try maybe a Line 6... But even then the only PODs I've played I did not like at all- modeling or FX.
  3. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    COSM's are crap, IMHO, no matter what Tommixx tells me! :p

    but try the amp section on www.basstasters.com and see which fits you...
  4. Emulators, modelers and anything else that makes an attempt to sound like a tube amp usually can't quite match the sound of tubes. The reason being is that tubes produce harmonic overtones that are pleasing to the ear. So yeah I would say that if you want tube sound, the best thing to do would be to go with tubes.

    As for Ampeg preamps, if you have your eye on a SVP-Pro, be prepared to spend some money on tubes. I've read all over the internet (Harmony Central, bgra, TB) about SVP-Pros having a noisy signal path. Not to worry though...they are just a little picky with tubes.
  5. b15fliptop

    b15fliptop Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Having previously owned a Bass Pod Pro, I can say this (IMO): recording with it was great. Easy to get a good sound, bass sounded great on tape. Using it as a preamp with a live rig, not so great. It probably sounded good to the audience, but it just never "felt" right to me. I realize that that's a bit of an esoteric statement, but that's the only way I can express the experience. I've been much happier with a SansAmp RBI as a pre.
  6. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    I've got a 300W Trace Elliot 122H valve amp and a GT-6B. To be honest with you, I haven't used the GT-6B much yet (I only got it last week), but I got it for the effects rather than the amp modelling etc.

    When I turn the valve on, it gives me such a nice warm tone... it's a bit of a shame to override the amp with the COSM, but when I want effects...

    I've got them both so I can achieve any sounds I want really... with active electronics on my jazz, I've pretty much got inifinite possibilities.
  7. I have a GT6B and to be completely honest, I haven't used it for live performance that much in the year I've had it - its quite a mission to lug around and I only use a couple of effects on it - Don't get me wrong, If you are looking for a multiFX unit, this is the ONE. but if you are looking for quality individual FX, then rather get the individual pedals...

    As for the amp modelling - its not bad - Just as good as the Line 6 stuff IMO. I don't really like modelling, but for recording purposes, I got a better sound out of the GT6B with a modelled amp than I got from the line-out of An Eden WT550 - But thats just My Opinion...

    I have found the Pedal Bend effect to have quite alot of latency when playing live, but all the other Effects are great and they have tons of adjustments for each, so you can get some really customized stuff.

    Another complaint: they have two FX banks FX1 and FX2 - only problem is if you wanna use two of the FX from FX2... I haven't found a way to do it yet (if you even can!?)
  8. uglybassplayer


    Aug 24, 2001
    New Jersey
    :rolleyes: Isn't that the purpose of tube modelers, to emulate the harmonic overtones that are pleasing to the ear :D

    - Ugly.
  9. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Here are my observations & experiences, which may or may not be worth a spit.

    I used to own an early 70's Ampeg SVT. The biggest, the baddest, the coolest vintage amp I had ever seen. 300w of all-tube glory. Weighed about a metric ton, and sounded like it too.

    I now own a Peavey BAM 210 combo and also use a Sansamp Bass Driver DI.

    So, I've got the before, and the after.

    Is there are difference between the two? Sure. The only way to get the absolutely pure tone of the original is to get the original. No bones about it.

    Are there *appreciable* differences between the two? That's ultimately up the listener, but for my money (and back), no. The Sansamp does a better job of replicating the tone of the old Ampeg than the Peavey does, but they both do a great job. The slightly squashed tube tone is there, and when you pump it up loud enough, the average Joe in the audience would probably not be able to tell the difference. Probably.

    Can us bass players, who are obsessive over our tones tell? Probably. And it ultimately comes down to how picky you are. I sold a "Holy Grail" amp and now own gear that models it. I'm happy with it. A lot of people will disagree, but I figgered I would throw in my $.02 and let you make your own call.
  10. Marcus Willett

    Marcus Willett

    Feb 8, 2005
    Palm Bay, FL
    Endorsing Artist: Bag End - Dean Markley - Thunderfunk
    Well, there is no substitute for the real thing...ever.

    Having said that. I use the V-Bass every day at my show. It's very cool. Some models are better than others. The vintage P-Bass and MusicMan models are excellent, the fretless and upright models are OK, and the Hofner and Rickenbacker models suck. There's lots of amp models as well, many of them quite good.

    I'm really surprised the V-Bass hasn't caught on more; I think that people don't understand what it is and what it can do. Even after spending a lot of time talking about it, I still have people ask things like "So, is there a delay with the samples? Can you store other samples in it? You can trigger other MIDI devices with it right?" and stuff like that. And then when they finally get that it's NOT a MIDI device, then they are all "OH. :(. So it's like $1,000 for an effects unit?"

    :rollno: UGH

    No, it's like $969 for the ability to play a flatwound P-Bass through a fliptop B-15 to a Marcus-Miller type slapped J to a fretless bass to lead guitar through an overdriven Marshall stack all within seconds of each other without changing anything about your playing technique because there isn't any delay BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY SAMPLES!!!!! IT'S NOT A MIDI UNIT!!! :mad:

    OK, I'm better now. ;)

    Anyway, the V-Bass is very, very cool. I just bought an extra floor unit as a backup. Don't even think about getting it unless you get the divided pickup as well. If you do, then it really IS just an overblown FX unit. With it, it opens up a whole new world. I love being able to grab a fretless patch for a 1 measure fill at the top of a tune, then back to a MM or whatever for the meat of a song. I used it to play lead guitar when we were doing "Jam" because we were playing to a track, and they had put bass on the track. OK, fine...I'll just "jam" on my overdriven strat. :p
  11. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    I have also been interested in this. I think its possible to use an external MIDI source to make it possible to use more than 1 FX from FX 1 or 2 at the same time, but I have not found a way to do it on just the pedalboard.
  12. :D Thanks for all the great replies.......think I'll go with a good quality tube preamp, there's lost to choose from but Ampeg so far is leading the race.

    I like a touch of reverb and compression in the studio, but nothing too way out.......thanks again......dg ;)