Could Anyone Recommend a Laptop?

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  1. Mushroo

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Mushroo's crazy advice:

    Keep your old Dell Vostro at home, on your desk. From now on, you'll only be using it for occasional light duty. If it has hardware/software problems, maybe one of us can give you advice for a low/no cost solution to keep it running? Make sure you have good backups (I recommend two copies of your most important documents, for example to a USB drive and in the "cloud").

    Take your $400 and spend $150-200 on a popular-model Chromebook with good reviews. The chromebook will go to school with you as your everyday computer. Chromebooks are perfect for email, note-taking, web research, paper writing, video watching, and certain kinds of games. Because your documents will be "in the cloud" they will be automatically backed up and synched between your devices. So you won't even need to take the chromebook out of your backpack when you get home at night; you can turn on your Vostro and continue typing the research paper where you left off.

    Put the remaining $200-250 in savings. Get in the habit of adding a regular amount to the fund each week. Someday when your Dell Vostro eventually craps out for good, buy the best Windows laptop you can afford. For example, if you add $10 to the fund each week, and the Vostro makes it through the school year, then by next summer, you will have $600 in the fund. If you managed to save $20/week, you'll have over $1,000! This will give you plenty of time to research and find a good bargain. I got some really knowledgeable laptop buying advice from the linked forum. I was looking for a highly portable campus/backpack computer, and my budget was $750. My must-haves were a 13" screen, good battery life, and a solid state drive (SSD). I filled out the questionnaire and the experts on that forum steered me toward a refurbished XPS 13 from the Dell Outlet store. Your needs might be a little difference than mine, but I share the personal anecdote for what it's worth.

    If you follow this genius plan, then a year from now (if not sooner) you will have the best of both worlds: a good chromebook, and a great windows laptop. You might even find that the chromebook fits all your needs, and the money you would have spent on the windows laptop can be used for other purposes. ;)
  2. viribus

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Pacific Northwest
    I never actually learned to play very well
    Totally get it. The benefits of cloud storage like OneDrive are it’s an automatic backup, in the sense the files are stored both on your local system and in the cloud, automatically. You can access the same files from multiple devices and it all stays in sync automatically. Dropbox can do essentially the same thing and is platform independent. But limited storage capacity for free. I think.
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  3. Christine

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    Aug 3, 2016
    Think pads for me too, robust machines and so easy to do a reinstall of the operating system once in a while too with Lenove's built in recovery tools
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  4. Jeff Scott

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    Apr 11, 2006
    Out there!
    Man, things were certainly different and, to me, a lot easier in my college daze.
  5. T_Bone_TL


    Jan 10, 2013
    SW VT
    ...or they make a nice platform to put debian on and you don't need to reinstall the OS on a regular basis, because it's not crap.
  6. Funky Ghost

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    Lenovo are an excellent choice and what most folks don't know is that they are/were made by big blue ( IBM ) Lenovo bought out that portion of IBM's pc market and actually improved upon the brand. Lenovo also bought out Motorolla. I've owned 3 Lenovos. Two I turned into gaming platforms ( limited upgrade ability but was still perfectly fine.... still is as it's still going strong after 17 years... I use it as my front end to the internet as a firewall now. ) for my kids ( I'm elitist... I hand built my own with da good schtuff :D ) The 3rd is a laptop which my daughter is using to finish her masters at Oregon. She is a gamer too :D
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  7. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Aug 3, 2016
    No they are not, but if you do need to reinstall it is very easy to do without the usual where's the disc?
  8. It can be complicated, there simply exists a lot more options and grey areas than before.
  9. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    My nephew says the surface pro is really cool, pad and laptop combo
  10. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru..........

    Apr 11, 2006
    Out there!
    We did not have computers back then, not for students, anyways. I made do with a Hewlett-Packard HP-15C and Smith-Corona typewriter. ;)
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  11. viribus

    viribus Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 1, 2011
    Pacific Northwest
    I never actually learned to play very well
  12. Mvilmany


    Mar 13, 2013
    Upstate NY
    Get a 13” MacBook Pro. Apple’s doing a big promo for college students and educators right now: educational discount on MacBook, 20% off AppleCare+, free $299 Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones.
  13. JN8642


    Aug 19, 2015
    Thank you for all the responses! A lot to take in, look into, and consider haha
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  14. ElectroVibe


    Mar 2, 2013
    I would get something with at least 1/2 Terrabyte of memory. Aka 500GB. Everything is requiring more and more memory, and trying to use an external memory drive is a pain.
    As far as brands I like HP. It seems a step above Lenovo, and you can find it in your price range.
  15. fingerguy

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    Aug 2, 2016
    That's not going to cut the mustard for school.

    Standard specs for school are:
    Laptop (I personally prefer Dell's business class)
    :::Laptop Specs:::
    :At least i5 if not an i7
    :At least 8GB's of RAM more is fine but not less
    :SSD (Solid State HDD) which will increase your laptop performance significantly. 256GB is plenty as long as you are not saving a ton of pictures and music. If you are then need to kick it up to at least 500GB; I had one client even that wasn't enough storage space and had to get her 1TB.
    :Built-in camera with microphone
    Windows 10 (currently the latest OS)
    MS Office (recommend 2016 so it's a one time purchase) and make sure you get the one that includes Outlook
    Online Backup service
    That should about cover that.
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  16. Same basic thing, really ;)
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  17. viribus

    viribus Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 1, 2011
    Pacific Northwest
    I never actually learned to play very well
    I’ll just throw this out there and prepare to get slammed. ;)

    I have an iPad Pro 10.5” with a Logitech Slim Combo keyboard. This is a very reasonable substitute for a much more expensive MacBook laptop. IPad Pro can run Office 365 very smoothly. The Logitech keyboard is much nicer than Apple’s keyboard, albeit also more expensive. But so much nicer to use.

    No I don’t do heavy duty video editing etc. Nevertheless the iPad Pro does run stuff like Office very smoothly. I’m 100% satisfied with it.

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