Could I get away with this?

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  1. I have a 400 Watt amp and speaker setup I used for mobile discos.

    I am only using a 15 watt practice amp on my bass at home.

    Is there a sort of pre-amp I could use on the power amp so I could use it to jam with my mates.

    I understand it wont sound as good compared to a proper bass amp but is there anything I could get just to mess about on?

    The speakers are a pair of 1X15 and a horn.
  2. waxcomb


    Jun 29, 2003
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    Get a preamp or bass head and use the preamp out to go to the input of your power amp. You could also use the speaker out on a bass head to power one of your PA speakers.
  3. A Sansamp Bass Driver DI is a popular choice in your situation. You could also run an Alembic bass, which has a line-level output, directly into the power amp which would make a nice but untweakable noise.
  4. If you are looking for a cheap option, you could try feeding the headphone output of your practice amp into the line input of your disco system. Start with a standard instrument lead, and all the volumes set to zero, turn the 400 W amp up to say 20%, then turn the practice amp up slowly, and check for overload distortion. If you get no signal at all, you will probably need to get a stereo headphone jack, and connect it to a mono input jack, then try again.
    It's cheaper than buying hardware if you don't know how long you plan to use it for.