Could somebody translate this please? (Alain Caron technique in french)

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  1. Here's the clip:

    I'm specifically interested in the part where he is explaining what I assume is an exercise progression when practicing his double thumb technique. Thanks!
  2. Thanks man!
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    May 8, 2006
    Alberta, Canada
    I expanded a little bit on MotownBass' translation since it shows the reasoning behind Caron's technique

    I told myself I must find a way to make melodic lines with the same sound. So I tried 2 things:

    1) Doing the attacks with only my right hand (and not using left finger mutes for attack) so I started using my thumb from top to bottom, just like a pick. It gave me alot of new possibilities.

    2) I started using 2 fingers instead of just my index finger so I could go up/down more easily. First practised on a single string a down thumb stroke +up thumb stroke + finger 1, then thumb stroke + finger1 + finger 2, then thumb stroke + finger 2 + finger 1 to have all possibilities (here we're around 1:16).

    This enables me to make melodies with this technique, which is easy when basic but a little harder to master when pushed this way. This is because it is necessary to mute the lower strings and I find myself doing it with the forearm/palm of my hand. I then quickly started to develop the ability to use circular motions of the thumb and fingers instead of the wrist. Many people use the arm movement for slapping to get more powerful sound but this only applies to the "arrival note" whereas the circular motion makes it even and even lets you play "ghost notes"

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