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Could someone demo a couple pedals for me?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Hutzbordello, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Im looking for someone to do an in depth review of a (or a few if you have them) fuzzrocious pedals. Namely the Rat Tail, Dark Driving, and BDPG pedals.

    Rat Tail
    Im looking for a Young Widows tone or a really nasty OD to compliment my pickle pie b.

    Dark Driving/BDPG
    With these two im looking for an always on-ish pedal that would add some dirt to my clean, but not overtake it so much as a fuzz or OD would.

    I dont have any real problems with the demos that are on the site, but they are quick, and I would be looking for someone to mess around with them for a bit and explain a few things as they see fit.
  2. I can tell you that The Rat Tail will get you a Young Widows tone. Nick uses one!
  3. Nick uses one,but to get that sound it depends on what kind of bass and head you have. Im pretty sure Nick uses two heads. So you might wanna think about splitting your signal.
    I dig his tone. And the closest Ive got to it was with a rattail>vt bass(mids boosted a bit)>MarkBass LM2 (eq flat). I tried a few basses with this set up and a jazz bass with fralin pickups came the closest to his tone. I tried an SG bass with humbuckers too and it wasn't even close.
    I would def get a Rattail, its my fav od/distortion pedal.
    As far as the DD and BDPG, they both get pretty dark sounding. And while Ive never tried them together, I would get the RT and put the BDPG at the end of yer chain.
    Just my opinion, hope it helps a bit
  4. yeah as far as gear goes I have a GK MB210+MBE 410 at 8 ohms, and an LTD ex-104 bass. However Im looking into jazz basses for my next bass, obv single coil.

    i do have a vt bass i could try that out with but it seems like i would have to do a little pedal dancing.

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