Could someone search their bassplayer archives for me?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Niels Keijzer, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Niels Keijzer

    Niels Keijzer Guest

    Nov 27, 2000
    Hello people,

    I was looking for an old issue from bassplayer, (one of the two I've owned) but I wasn't able to find it. I was looking for a small ad near the end of the magazine about a travel bassguitar. I wanted to do this so I could contact the company if they had any instruments left.
    I don't know the number of the issue, but it has Rocco Prestia on front and a transcription of "What is Hip". I think it was issued in 1997 or so.

    Could someone please look it up for me and post the adres here? (or PM me on it)
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Slater

    Slater Bye Millen! Hello?

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    I flipped through that BP issue (Dec. '97) and the only ad. I saw that mentioned a travel bass was for Kydd Basses, "The Perfect Travel Bass". But, the Kydd bass is an electric upright and not an electric bass guitar.

    Here's a link to their website, if this was what you were looking for:
  3. Niels Keijzer

    Niels Keijzer Guest

    Nov 27, 2000
    I think that was it, thanks a million man! :)