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  1. Rasmuth


    Nov 26, 2004
    Churchville, NY
    Hello all...I frequent these boards every day though I don't post all the and then,

    I bought a bass in November, mainly because I was totally against the idea of using a keyboard for bass in my home-recording studio...up till this purchase...I never played bass before.

    My home-studio has been up and running since November and I've just completed my 3rd recording...a tune called Here we go . I'd appreciate all of the bass experts here to give it a listen...I'd like some opinions on my rudimentary bass playing.

    All music, vocals and production done by me...Thanks in advance. (make sure you click on the hi-fi versions)

    My tunes

    (by the way...the bass is a Washburn xp-100, I can hear the groaning already, run through a VAmp2 recorded directly into my soundcard)