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  1. Vipersassasin


    May 5, 2013
    I am currently in a country band and we are probably going to start touring soon. I am in the field to get some new pedals for a pedal board but I don't want to get too carried away. I am mostly looking for either fuzz/dist but not sure what else to have for country. Any suggestions?
  2. Johnny Crab

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    Feb 11, 2004
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    You may want to look at modeling bass stuff unless you "sound the same" or almost the same the entire show. I'm in an cover+originals band so I HAVE TO be a tone chameleon and be able to sound like anyone(including myself).

    The pedals I carry besides a Line 6 BassPODXTLive are:

    SansAmp BassDriver Programmable (in case Line 6 craters)
    MXR 10 band EQ(solo boost if required and/or EQ fix when put in a bad acoustical stage area or overdrive a tube amp's input section)
    Radial DI (in case it's needed)

    Real "fuzz" may not work well in country UNLESS it is used in a humorous spot/song or some other ear-catching location.

    SansAmp can give a bit of dirt/drive.
  3. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    The real question should be what effects do you NEED? Do you use a lot of fuzz in your country music? (By the way, I'm not anti effects. But I do a lot of country gigs and haven't found the need for many in that setting.)
  4. Vipersassasin


    May 5, 2013
    I am probably just going to get fuzz and chorus... fuzz would be for some heavier country like "She's Country" and then Chorus for slower dancier songs (pretty sure I just made a word there). I already have a compressor so I might try to look into a 9 or 10 band EQ as well.
  5. Overdrive and chorus in my country band - both blended with the clean into a semi-dirty head.
  6. Switching between fingers and pick opens up a whole 'nuther word as well. Pick for tic-tac outlaw stuff and fingers for the more subtle and slow stuff. Pick with flats sounds more like an upright (to me) and fits in better with the classic Hank Sr. kinda stuff. I've also seen guys that are very good at bouncing the strings off the fingerboard with fingerstyle to get the same kind of vibe.

    edit: I guess you weren't really asking about that kind of stuff... but I'll leave that out there.
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    Apr 11, 2005
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  8. QweziRider

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    Sep 15, 2008
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    For that specific song, I've found my Micro POG to fit perfectly. Just a touch of octave above makes my sound fatter but not terribly identifiable as an octave. Beyond that one, I use (sparingly) chorus and a compressor.

    I find the octave pedal to be quite useful sometimes when the only guitar in the band goes to solos (stuff like Fast As You, perhaps).
  9. Vipersassasin


    May 5, 2013
    I had thought about using a chorus... I know most pedals only have an octave down but I don't really need that because I have a 5-string, are there pedals that do an octave up instead of down?
  10. QweziRider

    QweziRider Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2008
    Las Vegas
    The micro POG does both...or either. You can mix the amount of either you want. I generally use less for country than I would for rock so it's not as obvious. Just a texture.
  11. Uncle Moe

    Uncle Moe

    Nov 15, 2013
    I play in a blues group and I use a Micro POG set for dry and Octave up every time the guitar player goes into a lead... Works great...