SOLD Countryman Type 85 DI - Original Owner - Like New - $105

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg $105 SHIPPED CONUS AND I TAKE PAYPAL. Like new. Clean. This is simply the best Direct Box I have ever used. Purchased new from Sweetwater Music. This has been my personal direct box and either used at home in my smoke free studio or at church. Works perfectly.

    Countryman Type 85 DI Box
    The Type 85 is the ultimate in quality and convenience. It lets you connect an acoustic instrument pickup or an electronic instrument directly to a microphone input.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What does it do?
    The Type 85 connects any high impedance instrument pickup, even piezo pickups, to a balanced microphone (XLR type) input. It provides a strong, clean signal to the mix board without adding noise or distortion.

    What doesn't it do?
    It won't change the tone or volume you hear from your own amp like passive direct boxes. It won't add hiss, distortion, or buzz like some active direct boxes. It won't break just when you need it. It won't develop a dead battery on stage because it runs on Phantom power.

    Why does it sound so good?
    The Type 85 doesn't use a cheap FET opamp. It uses only hand selected high quality discrete components woven into a single ended class A circuit much like the classic tube microphone preamp. The Type 85 has an incredibly smooth, sweet sound.

    Why is it so hard to break?
    Connectors and switches are recessed into a single piece extruded case with extra thick walls. You can actually drive a truck over a Type 85 without hurting it. Internal electronics are molded in a single epoxy block and fully protected against electrical damage. The input circuit can withstand 220V AC all day long and static spikes up to 20,000 volts!

    Does it need a battery?
    Most mixing consoles provide 48-volt Phantom power and the Type 85 will automatically use it. If you don't have Phantom power, the Type 85 will run from an internal 9V battery. An alkaline battery will last about 400 hours.

    How does it eliminate buzz?
    Hum and buzz are often caused by a connection between the mixer and ground at the guitar system. The Type 85 can always isolate ground, even when running on Phantom power. Most direct boxes can't do that.

    Where are the rolloff switches?
    It doesn't have any. The Type 85 is designed to transfer the sound of your instrument to the mixing console, adding nothing and taking away nothing. Adjusting the frequency content of a sound source is an artistic decision best done at the mixing location where you can hear the results and easily make changes.
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    Wrong forum. Nice ad though
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    Moving this ad to another forum based on stranger danger's comment
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