Couple O' Eastwood Classic 4 questions

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    Mar 29, 2004
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    Thinking about either a Jack Casady or an Eastwood Classic 4, and while i know that there are differences in scale length and feel, one pickup vs two, a major question for my situation may be feedback.

    Looks like the Eastwood has a floating bridge which I would think allows more vibration of the top. As my band has quite loud stage volume, has anyone had issues with Eastwoods and feedback?

    Related question: if i buy, should i care that Eastwood writes this on their site (advantage to purchasing direct?)
    Guitars purchased directly from us receive a no-questions-asked return policy.

    In terms of price, I have seen these go on TB for the low to mid 500s used. Has the pricing droopped on these? $529 new , free shipping
  2. The pickups on my classic 4 are not that powerful. Short of changing them I would buy the Casady now.
  3. duke2004

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    Mar 29, 2004
    Cambridge, Mass.
    Thanks for the comments; more from Eastwood owners on the feedback issue (and others mentioned above) would be great:rolleyes:
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    I had an Eastwood, it was cheapo junk, badly made and required a lot if work to get it decent.

    Buy the epiphone..
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    Oct 27, 2012
    I've never experienced any feedback issues with the Eastwood Classic 4. I crank it through a Bassman 100 and have had no problems. I put Pyramid Gold flatwounds on it for a nice old-school sound. As for Eastwood's customer service, it is very good. I would consider the return policy a plus if that's important. That said, if I had a choice I probably would have gone with the Casady but Epiphone refuses to make a left hand version so I bought the Eastwood.
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    Jul 14, 2009
    Look at Dipinto Belvedere too
  7. 1. The Classic IV has been released with at least three distinctly different bridges over the years. One is a true floating rosewood bridge which makes direct contact with the top, and has thumb screws for height adjustment and fret tabs for saddles. The next is a rosewood bridge, like the floating bridge, but in a Tune-O-Matic configuration, with TOM posts set into the top. Then there is the full-metal TOM configuration, where everything is metal, just like what you would find on a Gibson guitar.

    My favorite of the three is the rosewood bridge/TOM combo. The wood bridge still retains a little of that "woody" tone I look for in these basses. I tried the full-metal version, and it was very "metallic." Imagine that, wood sounds woody and metal sounds metallic. But because of the semi-hollow nature of these basses, you can really hear the difference.

    2. I have never experienced feedback issues, but I don't spend much time right up against my amplifier/cabs either. I have played my Classic IV's (in orange and white) at some very loud outdoor large-stage gigs. The sound guys loved the tone. I think it would take an incredibly loud stage volume for you to experience problems, I've never had any in even the loudest rehearsals in tight spaces.

    3. In this case, a "no questions asked 30-day return policy" is a good thing. This company stands behind what they sell, and they have a great QC track record in my experience (I also own an EEB-1 and a couple of Eastwood six-string electrics, outstanding guitars all). Good to know they will correct any problems with their product, whether perceived or real.

    In addition to the bridges changing over the years, so has the neck. Earlier versions were about the same width all the way, but newer versions have a 1.5" nut and a noticeable taper toward the body. In case you're sensitive to that kind of thing.

    In short, this is a great choice if you need old school thump and mojo. I liked mine so much, I bought another (both used BTW). With 30 days to fly it up the flag pole, you can't lose. Get the Eastwood fitted case, it's extremely well-made.
  8. duke2004

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    Mar 29, 2004
    Cambridge, Mass.
    Im not buying off ebay so the worst is to have to return a new instrument. Looking forward to giving one of these an audition, thanks for your insights.
  9. No problem. I just checked the Eastwood site, looks like they went back to the full floating bridge, so you'll be getting the woodiest thump of the three. Those bridges tend to slip if bumped, but there are ways to get them to stay in place.

    You might want to send an e-mail in advance to be sure which configuration you're getting. I've had them send things that were slightly different than the picture/description. It's usually little things, like the headstock not painted. But the full metal TOM bridge was a (not-so-pleasant) surprise.

    Please post pics and give us a review. Good luck!
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