couple of general questions

Discussion in 'Jazz Technique [DB]' started by Milothicus, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. I am hoping to buy my first DB in the next few weeks. I've been reading everything i can find on technique, posture, etc. and i have a couple of questions that no one really answers....

    first, the astonishingly stupid question. on this site, people refer to something as "the stick of pain". am i correct to assume this is just referring to the double bass in general?

    second, the not-so-stupid (in my mind) terminology question. what exactly is 'first position'? i know it's a common term for upright bass, but what position does it indicate? and this is the part where i avoid the obvious 'position' jokes...........

    please help little ignorant me....
  2. My Low Ficus:
    "Stick of pain" is Ray Parker's affectionate term for the bass bow.
    "First position" in Simandl is really the second, the first being called "half". Confused? OK, on the G string, in half position, your first finger is on Ab. In first position, your first finger is on A natural.

    Hey, out there: does this vary by edition? What about other methods that I don't know?