Couple of new pics (SR5 and Bongo)

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  1. Some new pics that may be of interest. First set is a couple of the new H/SC Rolls Burgundy Bongo 4. I was hoping to get some better pics of this finish. Let me say again, this is a hard finish to photo. Flash makes it look horrible, and its hard to get enough light to show the real color. It is in real life a very classy finish. I dig this color a lot.

    The second set is my SR5. It had a maple fretboard, and for whatever cosmic reason youd like to blame, I wanted a rosewood fretboard, so I posted and Ken jumped. First off Ken, thanks. I would have e-mailed you first, but was sure youd see this. Ken (HeavyDuty)was incredibly easy to deal with. We had a couple phone conversations and he is a great, straight up guy. Im glad to know my old Single H Bongo 5 has a good home. And yes, for those keeping score at home, I still kick myself for offing that one.

    So all that said, here are the pics. Enjoy.




  2. both of those are very nice, your rolls does look kinda purple which i kinda dig
  3. primus_55


    Dec 28, 2004

    I seriously dig the colour schemes.
  4. Ryan L.

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    Very nice looking basses.