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  1. Lets say you want to do a cover or a spoof of a song and you want to put it on your CD. Would you have to get permission from the band or record company to put it on your CD even though you are a small time band that really will never make it even close to mainstream?

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    If you wanted to record a song and put it on an album and then publish it, you would have to get written permission from the artist, and the artists record company.

    EG, Alien Ant Farm had to get permission off MJ himself and MJ's record company to put Smooth Criminal on their Anthology record
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    I'm going to tell you a quick story. A long time ago, I helped write a song for the 2 Live Crew that was a spoof of "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison. It was on their "Nasty As They Wanna Be" album, which went on to sell about 3 million copies. Well, his estate sued, and a federal judge ruled that since it was a parody, we DIDN'T have to get permission. BTW, you don't have to get permission for a cover tune either, but you do have to list the original artist as the writer.
  4. Gotcha, thanks.
  5. Thats good because it is going to be a parody. (If i can ever find a drummer to complete my band that is)
  6. So if my band wanted to put 'Geometry', a spoof of Minority (Green Day) on a CD, we could?