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  1. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Ya know, there are some questions that should never be asked. Unfortunately I asked myself one of these questions today. Even more unfortunately, I found the answer.

    "Wonder if I can access Talkbass from my Blackberry?

    Yes. Can even view pictures. CLEARLY!!

    So, now I've opened the door to layering one addiction on top of another addiction. What a maroon!!

    What makes matters potentially worse, I'm waiting to go into a meeting where I and my boss have to present some material. That's when I made this particular discovery. Well, as I'm bookmarking my User Control Panel page in my Blackberry, our Chairman / CEO walks by. Would've been funny as hell if he'd seen the screaming gold Ritter Roya on my Blackberry screen 10 minutes before I go in to pitch a product program to him.:eek: :eek: Maybe that was a subtle hint to not Blackberry surf during work hours.


  2. Nice find!